Melbourne Sleeping Bag Drive

 01 June
 Melbourne, Australia
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 Kat Aycardo
Hello friends and family! Winter is just around the corner and Melbourne is already freezing! And for most of us, it's a time for cranking up the heater, snuggling up under a warm blanket, and if you're like us, plenty of hot chocolate! But for Melbourne's people experiencing homelessness (approximately 142 at any given night), it's a time of biting cold nights and a very real struggle to survive. So in the lead up to winter, Mike and I would like to reach out to our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone who can help! And we invite you to join us to lend a helping hand! Here's our goal: To collect and hand out 142 sleeping bags and blankets. If any of you, your family, friends, and businesses have any sleeping bags or blankets you no longer need, Mike and I would like to collect them and donate them on your behalf. We will also collect beanies, socks, and scarves. If you have any of these, please let us know! We'll be posting how we are going with our target here. Please share how you are doing here as well, to inspire others! And, feel free to invite your family and friends to join in! Together, let's spread some warmth across Melbourne this winter!

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