Mega Scenic/Club Drive: Skyline Dr. (Shenandoah) – Spring Version

 24 May
 11725 Lee Hwy - 220308800 - Fairfax - United States
 Mehran Z Irdmousa
Folks, This is our signature scenic/club drive. It’s so popular that we do it by season! This time, obviously spring. Feel free to bring along guests such as family and friends. If you had fun in our last meetup, you'll have a blast in this one! Please, read all of below and RSVP to avoid getting left behind. We will meet at our regular Starbucks shopping center location on Lee Highway (11725 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA) in front of Kinder Care just like last time to gather up and get some coffee/food and then drive out towards Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Dr.). We will enter the park via Skyline Dr from the top. Where and when: Starbucks shopping center by Kinder Care towards the end of the shopping center (11725 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA) at 10:30 am and will leave by 11 am towards Skyline Dr. See the image above to see where we gather up (in the green box). Logistics: You would usually take 66 all the way to Skyline Dr., but that would be boring and not fun. Hence, we will switch between 66 and side/fun roads to keep the drive to Skyline Dr fun and entertaining (and more scenic). This will make the trip slightly longer (about 1.25 hours), but more fun. We will stop by a Shell gas station right before we enter the park so we can refuel, refresh, stretch, and go to restroom. The park (Skyline Dr) is our main attraction if you will. We will go through a great and fun winding road with great sceneries all around. We will occasionally pull over at outlooks for pictures and rest. Ultimately, we will reach a place to hang out, eat, and talk about cars (trip from Shell to the rest place should not take more than 1 hour). After that, we will break and conclude our meetup. Everyone goes their own ways back home or to wherever they need to go. We will cover about 90+ miles for this whole trip and we could be driving about 4+ hours overall. Please, refuel and rest well. If you are not interested in taking the fun path to Skyline Dr and would like to meet us at the park (I highly discourage this as you’ll miss half of the fun and will create logistic issues), please, let me know and I may be able to make arrangements. How long: The whole thing from Fairfax to end of our last spot on Skyline Dr should be around 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, plan accordingly. Food and drink: Even though the park will have grills, please bring cold food and your own drinks for a quick lunch. We are not planning to grill food there; at least not during this particular meetup. We can get snack and food from the Shell Station as well if needed. The goal is to have lunch at the final site that we will stop at the park to hang out. Ground Rules: We will have a drivers' meeting before the drive and all drivers must attend that meeting. We are doing a drive not a race or performance driving on public roads with public cars and passengers. Please, keep your racy attitude and craving for our track days that we have on our calendar. Also, these roads contain potholes and uneven surfaces, so you don't want to lose control and cause an accident. Depending on number of participants, we will either have a lead car in the front and a sweeper at the back constantly communicating via Walky-talky to make sure everyone gets to the waypoints safely and nicely without getting lost or we will break the queue into groups with lead drivers. Also, please be patient as we may hit some traffic on these head-to-head roads as this is a Sunday. Fee: There will be a $15 fee for everyone (per car) entering the park unless you already have a week pass or have military-related identification. When you purchase a pass, it will be available for a week to be reused if interested. If you are interested in seeing the route we will be taking to get to the park, refer to Please, note that point F is the Shell station we will be stopping at before entering the park and point G is the beginning of Skyline Dr. After point G (not shown on the map = our main drive), we will basically follow the route to find a good spot to eat while stopping at few outlooks for pictures and rest. Feel free to bring family along and we can take ride-alongs if anyone is interested. Sorry for the long list, but please read it all before RSVPing. You don’t want to miss this one!!! Questions and comments? Please, let me know below.

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