Meeting - Ken Wilson - How to Improve Photography Images

 21 May
 Main Library at Goodwood
 7711 Goodwood Blvd - 70806 - Baton Rouge - United States
 Stephanie Ross
The speaker for the May 21st meeting will be Ken Wilson. His topic will be How to Improve Photographic Images Involving Flowers When Ken started taking photographs of Louisiana landscapes, he knew he needed something interesting in the foreground. Since flowers are the most abundant, he starting using them in the foreground and the improvement in his photographs was apparent. However, he knew nothing about wild flowers so he contacted Dr. Charles Allen. In 1999 they began working together on a book about Louisiana wildflowers. After many fieldtrips all over Louisiana, Louisiana Wildflower Guide became a reality in 2011. He teaches photography and also studies with a professional photographer at least once a year. He also guides 12 – 18 field trips annually for the Louisiana Photographic Society. My program, How to Improve Photographic Images Involving Flowers, will give pointers on how to deal with the wind, how to improve images by repositioning yourself, how to spot potential problems before processing, how to use a reflector and/or a diffuser, and how to soften the background for a pleasing presentation.

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