Meet & Greetz icelandic dogs en other breeds op group 5 dogs

 16 May
 Schaapskooiweg 101 - 6414 EL - Brunsum - Netherlands
 Catharina Wassenberg-bongers
Brunssummerheide at the Netherlands in de most wonderfull lowest province in the south of our country province "Limburg". Start at 11:30AM. COLLECT BETWEEN 11:00 en 11:25 AM: Parking at Schaapskooiweg no number at BRUNSSUM use for NAVI THIS ADRESS: Schaapskooiweg 99, 6414 EL Heerlen:, You will find the parkingplaces on the right site of you, wenn you drive in to the schaapskooiweg Brunssum. At the meatingcentre called Bezoekerscentrum Brunssummerheide" a litte way up of the road called schaapskooiweg you will find the toilets in the meetingcentre, at the left site from the front off the restaurant Adress: Schaapskooiweg 99, 6414 EL Heerlen T (045) 563 03 55 Nederland From here we walk a little leashtrail tot he unleaschtrail Starting with free off leash trail for a walking at 5 kilometers. then we have an time out at: Bezoekerscentrum Brunssummerheide dogs are welcome on the most beautifull panorama terrace were we can overview the nice nature After the time out we wil follow our walking trail for about 4,5 kilometers. leashd

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