MEDS - Endodontic Retreatment Course Alexandria

 29 May
  Middle East Dental Society Alexandria
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 MEDS - Middle East Dental Society Alexandria
Two Days Lectures and Workshops - Understand the basis of differentiation between success and failure clinically and rediographically. - Identify the factors that lead to persistent infections. - Understanding the special concerns in endodontic retreatment (patient considerations). - Importance of coronal leakage and prognosis for healing. - Coronal disassembly and the factors influencing their removal - Devices used for coronal disassembly. - Concepts instruments and techniques used to find missed canals. - Removal of different obturating materials from guuta percha to silver points and thermafil (plastic carriers) pastes and modern obturating materials using different techniques including rotary instrumentation. - Identify the guidelines for when to discard and replace endodontic instruments. - Factors and techniques influencing fractured instrument removal. - Different types of Posts and techniques used for their removal. - Importance of ultrasonic in endodontic retreatment. - Techniques for managing calcified canals, blocks, ledges and different types of canal transportation. - When and how to treat perforations in different level in the root with the use of mineral trioxide aggregate and the MAP system. Workshops:- - Coronal dis-assembly - Removal of post - Removal of separated instruments - Management of perforation - Ledges transportation Speaker:- prof. Ashraf Zaazoua PhD professor of endodontic Alexandria university - Fees : 1000 Le Early Registration - On spot 1200 Le Venue: Middle East Dental Society Alexandria For More info please Call: 010215 26 215

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