Medea, Christ Church Cathedral Garden

 21 May
 Christ Church, Oxford
 St Aldates - OX1 1DP - Oxford - United Kingdom
 Sebastian Hyams
Jason's just left Medea. For another woman. Ignoring everything Medea had done for him. Tricking her father, murdering her brother, and all so Jason could get away. Devastated and alone with their two sons, she can't eat or sleep. Worse still, she's about to be banished - the locals are afraid of this foreigner who threatens Jason's new wife. Medea decides to exact vengeance, and there is only one way she feels she can do it... For three nights, Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd May, Euripides' Medea (translated by Oliver Taplin) is coming to Christ Church's Cathedral Garden. This is a fantastic chance to see a powerful play in a unique, open air setting. Tickets are now available here: We anticipate high demand but some tickets may be available on the door. CAST Nurse - Hannah Marsters Tutor - Ben Thorne Medea - Alma Prelec Creon - Jas Rajput Jason - Christian Amos Aegeus - Tom Jackson Servant - Jacob Warn Chorus Leader - Honor Fitzgerald Chorus - Annie Hayter, Luise Luetcke, Tia Sager, Jessie See

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