Mecca Marleys Going Away and Graduation Pig Roast Luau

 30 May
 House Of a Thousand Drunks
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 Mecca Marley
So because so many asked for it and thanks to the kindness of the new inhabitants of the pool house.. There will be one last pool party celebrating my exodus out of Delaware for Maui, Hawaii and my graduation (and whomsoever birthdays happen to be around the same time lol). More details will follow, just wanted to throw this date out there. Thinking about it starting around 3pm and going til round dark. Since almost all my friends have kids or god-forbid multiple spawn and some of my friends are really, really old, it will be children and elders friendly. My plan is to do a Luau theme and to smoke a whole pig. Only problem is that I cannot cook it it as I will be walking for my University Of Delaware Diploma that morning and it takes like 6 hours to smoke or something. .If any reliable person is interested in stepping up and committing to be the OFFICIAL BBQ pit master let me know!!! If any local musicians feel like doing a number or two let me know as well. Thanks yall. This is a celebration and no bad vibes will be tolerated. I am making this public because I am lazy and do not feel like inviting people one by one. -Mecca

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