May18 | Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

 18 May
 Bowman Hall Blacktown.
 Campbell Street - 2148 - Blacktown - Australia
 Tamil Youth Organisation - Australia
On May 18th 2009, as the fog of war and censorship lifted over Northern Sri Lanka, the extent of the bloody carnage shocked the world. 30 years of civil war had come to its bloody conclusion and more than 40,000 men, women and children lay lifeless, slaughtered during the last months of the war according to the United Nations. 6 years on, and those in the Sri Lankan Government responsible for ordering the deaths of thousands of civilians remain in the highest echelons of power. No one has been held accountable, despite undeniable evidence of war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military including the mass killing of Tamil civilians and targeting of refugees with heavy weaponry. To the thousands of Australian Tamils who have lost families and friends, time has not healed our wounds. This unimaginable loss forever haunts us. As we continue to seek answers, we ask you to join us as we remember the thousands of loved ones slaughtered by a government who continue to act with impunity. To remember the innocent men, women and children killed who, in life and death, continue to be denied justice. And the survivors, who still remain imprisoned by the very same Government that destroyed their hopes and dreams. We will remember them. Lest we forget.

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