May Prepper Meeting -- Gardening & Preserving

 30 May
 241C Hogs Back Rd, Millville, PA
  - - -
 Thomas Anderson
Building on last month's meeting, we'll prepare some foods fresh from the garden and talk about how to get the most from your garden this season and how to protect against common pitfalls including diseases and pests. We can also review our knowledge of wild edibles and identify some late spring wild edible greens and flowers growing in the fields. We can also look at how our efforts at companion planting are working out. And finally we can talk about preservation methods, including canning, dehydrating, fermenting, etc. If you have any foods to harvest, we'd love if you would bring them along to show off and include in our group meal. We'll try a Saturday for this meeting to help allow some people to come who couldn't make it on Friday or Sunday.

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