May Hills Permie Gathering - swales

 16 May
 14 Carstairs Rd Darlington WA
  - - -
 Dominique Lieb
The magic of mIni swales! Simon is coming to Dea's house and we're going to put in some mini swales with lasers and a small digger. Hopefully we will also have an a-frame to trial the manual method too. If we hit rock we will discuss other methods such as raised beds on contour. If time allows Dea will discuss a couple of the guilds that she will be putting in. This is a start-up garden so it's still pretty raw but foundations are being laid. Dea will make a sweet snack and welcomes you all to bring a plate to share too. We look forward to seeing everyone. You can expect good info, laughter and community spirit! Call Dom on 0415 258 301 for help/info.

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