MAY 22-25, 2015. TANGO SALON WORLD CHAMPIONS, 2012. Facundo de la Cruz y Paola Sanz in Austin, Texas. Special Seminars and GALA NIGHT!

 22 May
 Go Dance
 2525 W Anderson Ln Suite 530 - 78757 - Austin - United States
 Daniela Arcuri
LET'S WELCOME THE WORLD CHAMPIONS IN TANGO SALON 2012: FACUNDO DE LA CRUZ & PAOLA SANZ!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AUSTIN... MAY 22-25, 2015. SPECIAL TANGO SALON SEMINAR!!! Workshops for All levels and Intermediate Level & Up. Milongas, Exhibitions, Private Lessons and Gala Night with exhibition by the Masters! ---------------------------------------------------- Program FRIDAY 22 @ Go Dance Studios Privates available during the day with F & P @ TBA. (CLASS WITH F & P BEFORE MILONGA) LET'S WELCOME FACUNDO & PAOLA @ MILONGA EL BESO @ Go Dance $15 Hosted by Daniela Arcuri Class: 9:15-10:30pm Elegance and technique. Embrace: How to connect quickly with your partner. The fundamental opposites and basic movement control. (All Levels) - Class #1 10:30-1am Milonga with DJ music by John Turci Escobar . Wine Tasting and light snacks. $15 SATURDAY 23 Privates before and after workshops with F & P @ DI. WORKSHOPS @ Dance International 3-4:25pm Circulation and control for reduced spaces, how the follower adapts to the dance of the leader. Intention, axis and balance (All Levels) - Class # 2 4:35-6pm Sacadas and barridas, both lineal and circular into the line of dance (All Levels) - Class # 3 GALA NIGHT MILONGA @ Go Dance Studios $20 DANCE, EXHIBITION, FREE SNACKS AND MORE!!! (CLASS WITH F & P BEFORE MILONGA) 9:15-10:30pm -Dance to different orchestras understanding how they differ from one another (All Levels) - Class # 4 10:30pm-1am: Dancing with DJ Daniel Davila. Midnite: Show by Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz. Snacks and drinks will be provided. SUNDAY 24 Privates before and after workshops with F & P @ DI. WORKSHOPS @ Dance International 3-4:25pm Technique for giros and enrosques, different intensities of giros (Int & Up) - Class# 5 4:35-6pm Variation Options (steps, dynamics, and the different intensity of movements) (Int & Up) - Class # 6 MONDAY 25 Privates available all day with F & P @ TBA. ------------------------------------------------------ LOCATIONS Go Dance Studios, 2525 West Anderson Lane, Austin TX 78757 North side of Northcross Mall. Enter is located between Guitar Center and The Egg and I Restaurant. A lot of parking in the shopping center! Dance International, 2411 Buell Ave, Austin TX 78757 Almost Burnet Rd. corner, behind Dairy Queen. ------------------------------------------------------- PRICES Full Package Includes 5 Workshops, Milonga/Class & Gala Night Before May 20 Full Package $145 1 X $30/ 2 X $55 / 3 X $75 / 4 X $95 / 5 x $110 / 6 x $125 Friday Milonga $15 / Saturday GALA NIGHT $20 After May 20 Full Package $170 1 X $30 / 2 X $60 / 3 X $85 / 4 X $110 / 5 x $130 / 6 x $150 Friday Milonga $15 / Saturday GALA NIGHT $20 PRIVATES Facundo & Paola teach private lessons together for one student or a couple. 1 Student x $125 2 Students x $150 -------------------------------------------------------- NOT PARTNER NECESSARY PRE-REGISTRATION IS SUGGESTED TO HAVE EVEN NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS & LEADERS EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS UNTIL MAY 20!!! If you are interest taking this workshop and you do not have a partner, please contact me I have some single students sign up already who are waiting to partnership, thanks. --------------------------------------------------------- See Facundo & Paola @ Hope you can join us for the first visit of Facundo & Paola in Austin!!! FACUNDO & PAOLA Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz are the 2012 Tango Salon World Champions. They are a pair of talented representatives of a generation of young dancers who are dedicated to the art and tradition of tango salon. From the provinces of Cordoba and Chubut, they have honed their dancing for ten years together. Their independent exploration of the essence of tango salon, elegance, connection and musicality has allowed them to create a product that is a unique and traditional dance. After having won several other titles throughout Argentina, they moved to Buenos Aires in 2011 to participate in the atmosphere of the capital where tango has its greatest influence on the world. Awards and Titles achieved 2012 WORLD CHAMPIONS OF TANGO SALON 2012Metropolitan Champions of VALS 2011 Champions, 1st Argentine festival, TANGO category 2011 Champions, 1st Argentine festival, MILONGAcategory 2011 Champions, 4th Cordoba championship, category TANGO 2011 Champions, 4th Cordoba championship, category MIOLONGA 2009Champions Tango category, pre-World Championship, Patagonia. Otros 2012 3rd place Category Milonga, Metropolitan Championship CABA 2012 4th place Category Tango, Metropolitan Championship CABA 2009 2nd place -World Championship, Patagonia

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