17 May
 Amherst Powerlifting Club
  - - -
 Nathan Robertson
Come join us Sunday, May 17th at our 1500sq ft facility to train with the APC team!! We can help you with lifting form, injury prehab/rehab, mobility, programming, supplementation, you name it! We have the knowledge and training secrets no one else has! We also have all the equipment no one else has...monolift, belt squat, reverse hyper, inverse curl machine, hip/quad machine, all types of bars, chain ,bands, etc. etc. Prepare yourself for the RISE OF THE VALKYRIES or IPA POWER WARS events coming in June, on the very equipment you will compete on! Set a 'in house' record and get your name on our record board! We're also the Canadian IRON REBEL POWER GEAR and GLC2000 representative and have these products plus nose tork and ammonia caps for sale on site! Please RSVP if you want to attend cost is $7 for non APC members

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