May 17th | Contact & Wunder with Julija Melnik at the Sunday Jam Berlin.

 17 May
 Sunday Jam Berlin | at Marameo, Neue Rossstr. 4-5, 10179 Berlin | [U2] Märkisches Museum, (S7,3,5) Jannowitzbrücke, [U8] Heinrich-Heine-Str.
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 Joe Jung
Enjoy Julijas wonderful talent of leading a class with precision, playfulness and creativity! "I will be very happy to spend that Sunday evening with those, who want to enter into contact with themselves and the others throught the conscious movement and touch. Body is an instrument which allows us to perceive and experience the reality here and now. This movement-dance requires not only the technique of movement/dance, but also training of attention and cultivation of quality relationship with others. It's a great way to see, expand and transcend own limits." - Julija Please, come with a wish or intention to make it come true! 13€ per person for the Class - &/or optional participation in the Sunday Jam Berlin &/or the Acro Fest Berlin Dance with Julija Melnik, BA, MA - Tutor in Dance - who is leading regular contact improvisation classes, jams and workshops in Lithuania. She has also taught outside of Lithuania (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, France, Germany and USA ). Julija is actively participating in International CI festivals, teachers’ conferences and is also organizing CI events in Lithuania: annual CI and Performance Mini-festival since 2007, regional CI teachers’ conference in March ‘08, Vilnius CI and Performance Festival ‘09. Julija has studied contact improvisation with CI pioneers - Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, and also with Nina Martin, Andrew Harwood, Angela Donii, Joerg Hassman, Charlie Morrissey, Adrian Russi and many others. She is also exploring other improvisational forms and performance, and has studied with Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, Alexander Girshon, Keith Hennessy, David Zombrano and others. Julija is also practicing Argentinean tango, Gurdjieff movements, house dance, salsa, contemporary dance. Her movement research is informed as well by practices of meditation, bodywork, dance therapy and other movement techniques such as Feldenkrais, Lou Yong. Julija is a student at Free University of Samadeva (France) and her studies include Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, Dervish Yoga (Samadeva Gestural Euphony), Hakim Massage and Training as an Euphonist Energetic Practitioner (Well-being coach).

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