May 16th Fusion/Alt-Blues/Dance in Yakima (FABDY)

 17 May
 AntoLin Cellars
 14 N Front St - 98901 - Yakima - United States
 Anthony Westbrook
REMINDER: GOOGLE MAPS WILL LEAD YOU ASTRAY WHEN TRYING TO GET TO ANTOLIN CELLAR'S TASTING ROOM. IT'S ACROSS THE PARKING LOT FROM NORTHTOWN COFFEE'S FRONT STREET LOCATION Dj's on the docket, but in no particular order: Tetracorn Dreams, The Velociflapper, Sparta's Human, dj vagabond, M.C. Beardnet. Contact me (Anthony) if you're interested in putting on a set. More details as the date approaches. This is all ages. No creeps please. Be respectful and cool and not douchey and I think we'll get along just fine. I love you all and thank you for being my friends.

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