May 15, 5p. and May 16 4p. QUASIMODO & the Gargoyles. DIRECTED BY NELSON PIKE. Artistically ingenious improvisational theater.

 15 May
 Rockport Unitarian Universalist Society
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 Dona Lambert
Friday Improv. Troupe--PIKE'S PLAYERS with Tuesday Theater PIE Troupe as The Gargoyles. NELSON PIKE HAS PRODUCED A WONDERFUL PLAY. AN OPEN DRESS REHEARSAL. AUDIENCE WELCOME. FRIDAY, MAY 15 AT 5:00 PM. NOTE 5 PM. FORMAL PRODUCTION WITH SPECIAL RECEPTION FOR NELSON IS SATURDAY, MAY 16. AT 4 PM. NOTE, NOTE 4 PM. DONATIONS WELCOME to benefit The Food Pantry and The Steeple Fund at the UU; It is March 16, 1831. Paris, France. South Tower of Notre Dame Cathedral. Victor Hugo's book written to save the Cathedral, stir a conscience for the impoverished, inspire a passion to take on a stewardship for the planet and a dedication to care for the people --is due in the shops on this day. A connection to Nature, a sense of kinship to the human experience and a relationship with the family members who lived on earth before us.--A desire to do well for our relatives who will continue the experience of earth life after us. The sense of connection and the circle of creation. We are all one family taking different shifts on Earth. We all have the same mother, one mother for all--Mother Earth. Our Mother is a Rock. A very special rock who nurtured a womb in which life could be born and thrive. The Swamp lands are the womb of the Earth. We all came up out of the Swamp womb all made out of the same stuff all the same. All living things are one family. All Life Matters. History matters to remind us who we are. Architecture and Art are heart and soul connections to our creative center and sense of wonder; Art is is the living of life and our way of communicating in a clarity that can not be achieved through word alone; SO....the Friday Troupe took the ideas and values of history, architecture, art, compassion for human kind and the soaring potential of the creative human spirit and made up their own Quasimodo Tale set in the Cathedral of Notre Dame----a Cathedral that soars. No script. Improv. and good memory.AND NELSON PIKE.

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