Matwork into machine with Suzy Barton

 07 June
 Kentish Town Studio
 1st Floor, 141-145 Kentish Town Road, Castle Place, - NW1 8PB - London - United Kingdom
 Pilates Instructor Network
Joseph Pilates was way ahead of his time when he created his studio machines. The spring resistant apparatus emphasises eccentric control through the movement range, increasing proprioceptive feedback and ultimately body awareness. The exercises can be slowed down to retrain muscular timing and recruitment patterns which is ideal for a rehabilitation programme or to address postural habits. This workshop is aimed at matwork teachers with little or no experience of studio Pilates. We will explore how the repertoire translates from the mat to the machines, experience how adding spring load can feed into the neuromuscular paths and discuss how to adapt this for our matwork clientele. It will provide a great introduction for teachers interested in taking on the second year studio training or those just wanting to deepen their understanding and cueing within their matwork classes. Suzy Barton, a former British National Squad gymnast and performer, used Pilates as a major part of her rehabilitation programme following a serious accident. The positive results inspired her to complete the full Pilates training with Suzanne Scott in Somerset. She now works alongside Warrick McNeill at Physioworks. Suitable for students and teachers, limited places so please book early to avoid disappointment. Price: £75 for PiN, Pilates Tree and IPTA members

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