Mastering Emotions Workshop - Woodland, WA w/ Gary Springfield

 23 May
 2847 Lewis River Road Woodland, WA 98674
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 Gary Springfield
This dynamic workshop will teach you how to transform old negative emotion and provide the tools and techniques for you to create a new paradigm of peace, prosperity, health, love and joy.....Now!! Christ means God on earth. Gary teaches you how to live the Christ consciousness/the Buddha nature. Your Soul already vibrates to the Divine qualities of peace, prosperity, health, love and joy. Gary will teach you Specific breath techniques and guided meditations that allow you to quickly move into silence of the mind and opening of the heart; releasing old negative emotions that cause suffering and disease. Gary Springfield is a Gifted Teacher, Intuitive and Visionary. Gary has over 35 years of research into the higher realms of consciousness and lives from the place of love that he teaches. His aura readings, lectures and workshops empower you with the tools and techniques that will dynamically change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Higher Consciousness is streaming into the earth grid, awakening humanity to a new paradigm where human/divine beings live peace, prosperity, love and joy... This total restructuring of consciousness causes chaos at all levels of life, until WE create harmony and peace within and become this NEW evolutionary being! Suggested donation: $125 Potluck Lunch. Please rsvp to Gary Springfield OR Petra Gary - 831.224.4279 Petra - 541.543.9820 Please contact Gary directly at 831-224-4279 to schedule a private consultation. DON'T FORGET ABOUT Godsribe Sondra Sneed's event on May 22nd in Lake Oswego, OR and via Online Broadcast!

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