Massive - Summer - Dancing/Healing/Picnic/Liberation Party - London

 31 May
 Primrose Hill
  - NW5 3 - London - United Kingdom
 Darren Smith
Massive Cycling/Dancing Party in & Around London. We did plan on Using Hyde Park...but that is likely to change. The Location is likely to be the Top/Centre Point of Primrose Hill -,-0.160756,3a,75y,130.26h,69.74t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1snfsaZAscvtQbmx-1wQPVig!2e0!3e5?hl=en Music, Food, Dancing, Partying & Cycling. More Details to Come Near the Date. Times/Date May Change as per Weather. But, this is likely to go ahead, Even in the Rain with another Event in the Summer. We will also have a Bigger Event on Brighton Beach.. Bringing everyone together. The date for Brighton will probably be around Mid to end July. Who is in Charge ? Not Me.. I am just Suggesting the Idea and putting the Date out. It was going to be a Cycling Party, but this has now being expanded to bring Everyone and not Exclude anyone......Hopefully, the Invites can go viral and this will Bring people along. Who will turn up ? Hopefully more than 400 Cyclists and lot's of Dancers & Spirited people we hope to merge this date with Similar Groups and combine it all to one date. People that are likely to attend are.... Artists Bio-Dancers Cyclists Dancers - Hip-Hop,Pop,Salsa & More Dieticians Healers Hula-Hoopers Magicians Mind & Card Readers Personal Trainers Photographers Roller Bladers/Skaters Singers Yoga Teachers & More This is a Free Event.. we are not asking for Payment..we are also not asking that people charge anything. Donations can be made in Hugs & a Smile or the Sharing of Gifts, Biscuits, Food, Chocolate or Just a Smile.. Please Bring Extra Food along to share, Biscuits, Cakes Etc... - We will try and have an area to share food, we will have to see how this works out on the day. To avoid it being Abused. What Can I do ? Click Going, Suggest to Friends. Put the Date in your Diary and Come along. What should I bring ? Food, Music, anything else you can think of & and a Frisbee/Hula-Hoop/Cycle/Roller-Skates if you own them. Is this a Protest ? Not Really, more a Party and Mass Meet-Up Event, as it is a Sunday, hopefully people are not working and we can Cycle around London to Celebrate the Freedom of the Cycle or continue to Dance in the Park. See you there..... This will be updated again near the Date... This Event will not be Cancelled as know-one is in Charge.. we will Picnic & Party in Hyde Park.. probably near Speakers Corner.. if the Royal Parks Police eventually ask us to move on.. we will move on elsewhere and eventually onto Trafalgar Square.. We will Update this as it goes.. but as we are not doing anything Unlawfully we can Picnic where we want to.

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