Masonic hall paranormal investigation

 22 May
 Masonic hall Dagger lane Hull
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Psi are holding a public paranormal investigation at the Masonic Hall in Hull's old town . It is the oldest lodge in this province dating back to 1782 . The Freemasons are allowing Psi access all areas in this ancient and amazing building . The Freemasons pop up in history right back through time . Some say that the Masons date back to the times of King Soloman himself . Some say that the Masons date from around 1717 , while others will dispute the fact that they descend from the Knights Templar in Scotland , whatever the history may be this location is well worth attending Situated in the old town of Kingston upon Hull it has a bar area and hall downstairs where we will take part in a seance . As reported in the Hull Daily Mail and the Freemasons very own magazine . Lots of sightings of a male ghost has been reported upstairs in the building thus earning him a nickname ( Charlie ) . Guests have been pushed and scratched . As you venture upstairs you will climb a vintage staircase which is lined with old masonic historical medals / oil paintings and regalia . Upstairs you will come to a landing area which is covered in historical artefacts . Its well worth reading and looking at the items on the walls . To your left is the entrance to the lodge room itself ( temple ) normally kept secret from the public . To your right is a red room which is used for meetings for the Knights Templar which has lots of old chairs and swords . To the side of that is a room used for meetings with lots of masonic photographs surrounding you with every master of the lodge watching you . Behind the meeting room is a small room used for storage which hold flags / banners and other regalia . The team will set up cctv cameras in every room upstairs for you to watch Use the teams equipment and document any activity . Emf meters , digital thermometers , lazor grids , trigger object pressure pads , ghost box , emf pumps etc... A Freemason will be at hand to answer any questions you may have on the history or the building and contents . This is a rare opportunity to glimpse into the secret world of the worlds oldest secret society . Be one of the few who investigate this historic working building . The bar will be open for refreshments . Price is £10.00 per person Time 8.00pm - 12 midnight

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