23 May
 6 rue Ferdinand Laulanie 31100 Toulouse
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 Masaf France
The most prestigious event of the year is upon us. On the 23rd and 24th of May: "Heroes from every corner of France will assemble and reunite in Toulouse, La Ville Rose. The Northerners will bring their raging storms to the south, the Southerners will counter the attacks with their blazing fires, the Central will roar its mightiest and show everyone their worth". Have you registered? The event will be held on 23rd and 24th May in La Ville Rose, Toulouse. 1. REGISTRATION: Opening Date For Registration : 19th April 2015. Closing Date For Registration : 17th May 2015. Last day for the payments : 20th May 2015. REGISTER HERE on this link: 2. VOLUNTEER'S COMMUNITY: Sign up on our Volunteer's Community form and you will receive; -special volunteer's rates -certificate -free MASAF Games T-Shirt Sign up HERE: 3. ACCOMMODATIONS: This is still an on going process. For now just tick 'yes' on the registration form for the accommodation question. Stay tuned to our page for updates. 4. SITES AND STANDS: We have sites and stands for hire (Sewa Tapak Gerai). The price is 15€ per day. 5€ will be reimboursed if the site is kept clean. Here is the site form: 5. MALAYSIAN NIGHT: It is the closing ceremony for MASAF GAMES IX. Interested in doing a performance (acoustic, jeu de rôle, band performances, anything you wish)? Please fill in this form and contact your MASAF City Reps or Regional Chief. The performance form is here: We'll see you in Toulouse!

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