24 May
 The Sidebar
 218 E Lexington St - 21202 - Baltimore - United States
 Mat Black
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT: Black Metal (NY) 11:40PM - 12:10PM RAMLORD: Black/Crust (NH) 10:50PM - 11:20PM CEMETERY PISS: Black/Thrash (MD) 10:00PM - 10:30PM THRAIN: Black Metal (DC) 9:10PM - 9:40PM BESTIAL EVIL: Death/Thrash (MD) 8:20PM - 8:50PM VITALITY: Metal (MD) 7:30PM - 8:00PM **ALL BANDS MUST CHECK IN BY 6PM** All events at Sidebar during MDF are $5 per event accessibility info: Sidebar can be entered through 2 doors off the street and the venue is accessed down a flight of stairs. if you need assistance entering the show, please contact one of the hosts, or email:

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