Marking the day - 4 months since Thomas died

 04 June
 London, United Kingdom
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We plan to hold a silent protest in London on 4th June 2015. (silent because Thomas and his family were silenced by the system.) We are thinking about wearing Thomas face masks, as well as pinning I AM Thomas on the front of our tops (like an athletes number is pined on). This will mark 4 months since the day Thomas died and we want hundreds or thousands of people to stand up, be counted, join us and say' enough is enough'. Too many people SAY they care, SAY they want justice, SAY they want change.......well this is the chance for people to SHOW they care, SHOW they want justice and SHOW they want things to change. Please really show your support for the I Am Thomas campaign and stand with us. (We will update this event with more detail as we firm up the plans and get the permissions needed to do the protest)

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