Marching Against Monsanto Rutland,Vermont

 23 May
 Rutland (city), VT, United States
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 Quina Marie
Mission Statement On May 23, 2015, activists around the world will, once again, unite to March/ Protest Against Monsanto. Why do we march/protest? Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and BIRTH DEFECTS. In the United States, the FDA, the agency asked with ensuring food safety for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-lead research on the long-term effects of GMO products. Recently, the U.S. Congress and president collectively passed the nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” that, among other things, bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds. For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and political favoritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto CONTINUES to forget its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup. Monsanto’s GMO seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists have indicated they have caused colony collapse among the world’s bee population. What are solutions we advocate for? Vote with your dollar by buying organic and boycotting Monsanto owned companies that use GMOs in their products. Labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make those informed decisions easier. Repealing relevant provisions of the US’s “Monsanto Protection Act.” Calling for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs. Holding Monsanto executives and Monsanto-supporting politicians accountable through direct communication, grassroots journalism, social media, etc. CONTINUING to inform the public about Monsanto’s secrets. Taking to the streets to show the world and Monsanto that we won’t take these injustices quietly. We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison. That’s why we March Against Monsanto. Day of Event information Meeting @ 12:50pm @ Depo Park located across from Wal-mart in Downtown Rutland, VT. There I can make sure everyone has a “ protest poster” if you haven't already. We will not be having a rally. We will let are protest posters speak for us, so make it count. We will be having a "PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY" type of protest on the sidewalks across from the Downtown Plaza and Coffee Exchange. We will be getting petitions signed for a proposed National Day of Action on May 26, 27 or 28 at the district offices of Congress members, asking lawmakers to reject the Pompeo bill, the DARK act (HR 1599), an anti-consumer, pro-Monsanto bill that would strip states of the right to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws, and allow unethical companies to continue to label GMO-tainted foods as “natural” or “all natural.” Goal is to stop the DARK act, with our MARCH A GAISNT MONSANTO.I have the petitions ready for the day of the event. From there they will be sent to our "Senator Bernie Sanders" for the National Day of Actionon May 26, 27 or 28 at the district offices of Congress members. The agenda is for us to stand on the sidewalks as much people as possibles 1:00pm-2:30pm and let our presence and posters make a bold statement we are Against Monsanto. You can help spread the word by printing out the fallowing links below. Also using @[null:#MAM] @[null:#MAY23] @[null:#RUTVEGAS] @[null:#YouHaveARightToKnow]. Look forward to meeting you all, thank for your support on such a HUGE CAUSE. Printing out event flyers: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vd3d3Lm1hcmNoLWFnYWluc3QtbW9uc2FudG8uY29tL3dwLWNvbnRlbnQvdXBsb2Fkcy8yMDE0LzA3L01BTS1BTEwtTWF5MjMtRmx5ZXJcYnYzLjFcYmZvclxid2ViLmpwZzo6:] Print protest materials here: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBzXGEvL3d3dy5vcmdhbmljY29uc3VtZXJzLm9yZy9jYW1wYWlnbnMvbWlsbGlvbnMtYWdhaW5zdC1tb25zYW50bzo6:] Protest t-shirt: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vd2VhZGR1cC5jb20vY29sbGVjdGlvbnMvbWFtLXNob3A6Og==:]

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