March for Food Freedom, March Against Monsanto and Pollinator "die-in" May 23, 2015!

 23 May
 Congress Square Park
 Congress Square Park on Congress St - 04101 - Portland - United States
 Green Initiatives
Please join the Green Initiatives Education Fund and co-sponsors Food and Water Watch, Food for Maine's Future, the Organic Consumers Association and Food Not Bombs to rally and march May 23, 2015 at 2pm in Congress Square Park! Once again we will be rising to take stand for food freedom by rallying and marching against Monsanto, the pesticide and chemical manufacturing bio-technology giant corporation producing our food. Monsanto is responsible for harmful products such as RoundUp herbicide, Agent Orange, PCPs, DDT, Dioxin, Aspartame, GMO's and many other harmful and toxic products. We will be holding a pollinator "die-in" to illustrate the harmful effects of such toxic chemicals including bee colony collapse and the shrinking butterfly population. Participants are encouraged to dress up as bees, butterflies, veggies, or wear a hazmat suit like a GMO farm worker to spray us "dead". Get creative! This past year, Representative Mike Pompeo introduced a bill to Congress that would negate states' rights to require GMO labeling, should it pass. This bill, nicknamed the DARK (Denying Americans' Right to Know) Act, would give absolute authority to the FDA on whether or not GMO's are deemed safe and should be labeled. This is very scary considering the World Heath Organization just recently deemed glyphosate, the lead ingredient in the most widely used herbicide RoundUp and is injected into GMO's to be "RoundUp ready" to be "likely carcinogenic." See story here: In a time where such undemocratic proposals are being put forth, it is even more important now than ever to take a stand against these unethical bills, legislators, and march against Monsanto! Let's rally together in support of our local organic farmers, in support of healthy non-toxic living, and in support of our Earth, and support of our future generations!!!! This year Maine legislators together with the Organic Consumers Association have introduced an exciting bill, LD 991, which would require GMO labeling immediately in Maine, without the existing trigger clause that requires 5 consecutive adjacent states to require it as well prior to implementation. This will not pass without our voices being heard! Learn the various ways to get involved and take action towards a brighter future! If you would like to get involved with hosting a banner-making party, education, creating materials, promotion, organizing, and volunteering, please email Whitley at or OR message March Against Monsanto- Portland, ME or Green Initiatives! Other resources to share: Mainers Against Monsanto by Organic FB page: Maine Label GMOs Now FB Page: Signing up for OCA’s newsletter, Organic Bytes: .

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