March Against Monsanto Sioux City, Iowa

 23 May
 Sioux City, IA, United States
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 March Against Monsanto
Come join us in Sioux City as millions around the world on this same day join their local marches to raise awareness of GMO's and chemicals in our food supply, then we will either have a community outreach to share with the people of sioux city more about our food supply, Monsanto, organic food and natural healing if we can't find a place to do that then we will atleast have lunch at Chipotle! GMO's and chemicals in our food supply are linked to the major cause of many diseases, mental disorders and lack of nutrition that raids our country. Over half the world has banned gmos & toxic chemical use in crops. The main company Monsanto is the leader in this industry and is doing much evil. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 1Ti 6:10 We are gathering to stand for justice and raise awareness of Monsanto's selfish & greedy plots so to destroy the works of darkness and rid america of its ignorance in how it sees its food.

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