March Against Monsanto - Richmond, Va

 23 May
 3517 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Va 23221
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 March Against Monsanto
It's time to stick it to Monsanto, Syngenta, DOW, Dupont, FDA and others like them for their utter disregard for human safety as they continue to create killer chemicals and peddle genetically modified foods to consumers across the globe claiming that they are safe and indistinguishable from organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. They are completely and 100 percent different than seeds and plants found in nature and, what's worse, they are far more dangerous to human life and health as well as the environment. We cannot sit idly by while big agribusiness and their chemical producing partners destroy our future and contaminate our food supply with untested and unsafe products while they make a dollar off of us unknowingly consuming their patented science experiments. You cannot experiment on us for profit and you will not hide the truth from the uninformed. We must, as a nation and members of the human race, educate the masses and work to label then remove these glyphosate ridden, genetically tampered, bt secreting poisonous foods off of our shelves and pantries for good before it's too late. We are all at risk and corporations like Monsanto don't care about our lives or long term affects to our seed supply, planet and overall health. They lie and destroy farmers and their farms for exposing this seed sickness, for what? A high profit! I say Hell NO and I hope you stand with me. This March is a way to show force and solidarity but is not the end-all-be-all. We must inform the people, convince our politicians, push labeling legislations, support independent studies of GE's health and environmental risks, call for recalls until long term studies are conducted, support organic foods and growing practices, support our farmers and community supported agriculture (farmers' markets, urban agriculture, seed saving, etc) and demand transparency over profitability. The power is in our hands and we can use that power by rallying together on May 23rd and everyday after to show our disdain for lies and poison while showing our love for Good food and Justice! More to come consumers of Richmond. Be ready to stand with the rest of the world and March Against Monsanto! And all their buddies (don't think we don't see you FDA, Syngenta, DOW, Dupont). - John R. F. Lewis

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