March Against Monsanto by GMO FREE ORANGE COUNTY - May 23rd

 23 May
 Main Beach - Laguna Beach, CA
  - 62205 - Laguna Beach - United States
 March Against Monsanto - Laguna Beach, CA
Gather at Laguna Beach, Main Beach Park by 10:30 AM at the latest. March will start at 11 AM, followed by the rally with well known speakers. **No masks or handkerchiefs covering the face will be allowed. All faces will be visible. Please keep all signs relevant to the theme of the march. Thank you.** Be sure to check out How To Prepare for the March to optimize your experience. This is a family event. Just click the link below: Also, this is a "zombie" free march . . . please remember we will have little children, some very young. This is not a Halloween parade, we want everyone to have a good time and be relaxed. No stress. IF YOU WANT TO RSVP TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BUT WILL NOT ACTUALLY BE ATTENDING, PLEASE RSVP AS A MAYBE. THANK YOU. Short URL for this event page: Today almost 870 million people worldwide are chronically undernourished. Unsustainable models of development are degrading the natural environment, threatening ecosystems and biodiversity that will be needed for our future food supply. Calls for profound changes in our agriculture and food systems are becoming more frequent and more insistent. One of the largest "calls" is coming from the grassroots "March Against Monsanto" movement. On May 25, 2013 over two million people took to the streets in 52 countries and 436 cities, including Laguna Beach, California to expose the dangers of genetically modified organisms in our food and the overuse of poisonous pesticides like glyphosate that are causing surges in debilitating diseases in children and adults. The people continue the campaign for a healthy GMO and pesticide free world. This is our 4th march in Laguna Beach. Please join us as we continue to educate the masses on how to live healthy lives. JOIN ORANGE COUNTY RESIDENTS AS WE ONCE AGAIN TAKE TO THE STREETS IN HONOR OF HUMANITY AS WE CALL FOR A GMO-FREE WORLD ON SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2015 DETAILS WILL BE POSTED HERE AS THEY COME AVAILABLE.

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