March Against Monsanto - Beaumont, CA

 23 May
 Beaumont, CA, United States
  - 92223 - -
 March Against Monsanto
The exact location of the March is TBD It will either be at the intersection at Highland Springs where Ramsey meets 6th in Beaumont or the intersection at Highland Springs and 2nd. Please share this event with your friends. Stay tuned! March Against Monsanto is a worldwide March with millions of participants aimed at informing the public about the worlds largest chemical company and the roll they play in controlling the food supply. Think about that statement:"Chemical Company"....."Control"......"Food Supply" This March takes place once a year in May making 2015 the 3rd annual WORLDWIDE movement. Monsanto is the maker of Agent Orange, DDT, they hold the patent on aspartame & they are the creator and patent holder of GMO technology. Science has proved study after study, the links between GMO's (found in 90% of the American food supply) and chronic illness such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, food allergies, birth defects, pre-mature birth, chronic pain, reproductive disorders, digestive disorders and the list goes on. Monsanto is responsible for the deaths and suicides of hundreds of thousands of farmers worldwide. How? Because they have managed to gain patents on seeds. They own GMO technology so when crops are cross pollinated (by nature) and GMO seeds are found on family farms, Monsanto is able to come in and take EVERYTHING these farmers own for having their patented seeds on their farms. Monsanto's glyphosate (Round-up) weed killer has been found in air samples, rain water, and even breast milk. Their agri-chemicals are polluting our earth and depleting our soil of the nutrients we need to sustain life through agriculture. GMO pollution last forever and we March now, before the damage is irreparable. Lastly, Monsanto's Neonicotinoid seeds (seed with pesticide built within the seeds iteslf) have been found to be responsible for the massive die-off's of large Bee Colonies and monarch Butterflies. This may sound like some "hippie-go-lucky this doesn't effect me" kind of stuff but the truth is, without our pollinators, we do NOT have food! We need our pollinators in order to grow food, to feed ourselves and our live stock. Stop Running for the Cure & March Against the Cause!

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