Man and His Dog. Kt Neely & Alabama Deathwalk (NM), Saw Fox, Justin Moody

 18 May
 322 w highland ave, Phoenix AZ, 85013
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 Justin Moody
Kt Neely and Alabama Deathwalk are on tour from New Mexico and they are amazing. They will be joined by Saw Fox and Justin moody at The Little House. Kt Neely Kt Neely is amazing. Perfect match for stormy days and kitten lovers Alabama Deathwalk Alabama Deathwalk is everything you want in a son, and a great writer. his voice+his guitar= yum yum Saw Fox Saw Fox will give you the chills and the willie nillys Justin Moody This is a small space so be prepared for a very intimate show, bring a candle, or some canned food. The show is $3, but keep in mind we have some awesome touring bands and they need gas money. Plus you won't regret buying their merch. so come (:

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