03 June
 Cote Brasserie Hampstead
 Islington Green - NW3 1 - London - United Kingdom
 Claire Portis
MAKE IT HAPPEN CLUB LIVE For Women With An Idea, Goal, Dream, Challenge Or Opportunity. GET THE BEST FROM LIFE, WORK OR BUSINESS All the details are below so please read to the end! MAKE IT HAPPEN CLUB LIVE When: Wednesday 1st April Wednesday 6th May Wednesday 3rd June Wednesday 1st July Where:Cote Brasserie, Hampsetad High Street, Hampstead, London NW3 Time 9.45. - 12.00 PRICE £20 per meeting PLACES ARE LIMITED SO PLEASE BOOK EARLY *************************************************************** CLICK HERE TO BOOK A MEETING: *************************************************************** WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? MAKE IT HAPPEN CLUB LIVE! Was born out of a desire to support, nurture and inspire women to get more form life work and business If any of this sounds familiar then you are in the right place… You have loads of great ideas swimming around in your head but you’re not taking action on any of them because you haven’t quite narrowed down your options or made a plan to actually bring them to life. You’re feeling stuck or going around in circles and getting really fed up with that and feel ready to take action, but what action? You’re struggling to get the best from life, work or business right now and you’re feeling a little (or a lot) unfocused, lethargic or demotivated and fearful of your “what next?” Maybe your confidence levels are low because you don’t know where you can ask questions and get the help you need Things aren’t quite taking shape because you don’t have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle but you need help to find the bits that are missing You have no one to hold you accountable so your are not really moving forward, making progress or getting things done You may have the dreaded have CPS (OH NO! What’s that?) Chronic Procrastination Syndrome and you spend ages perfecting your ideas without actually getting anything out there or taking the next step. You’ve started a lot of projects but don’t follow them through because you’re not sure if it’s good, bad or indifferent and you are afraid of failure (and success) . You are sometimes paralysed by indecision and are fearful of what might happen if you say yes! You constantly compare yourself to others and think that perhaps you haven’t quite got it right so don’t follow things through to what they could be. ( and that’s such a shame!) YOU WANT To get out and meet other like minded women, share and brainstorm ideas, make connections, and build your knowledge and networks but haven’t quite found the right place to do that. You want to have fun in your life, work or business You want to feel inspired, stimulated and alive so that you start to take action and make things happen for you. You want to believe in yourself, your ideas, your goals and your plans and bring them to life You want to feel much more clear, focused and motivated to take action. Supported, energised and acknowledged for your progress. You want the buzz that comes from great ideas, learning new things and how to MAKE IT HAPPEN You want to stop hiding behind your computer and get out and connect with real live human beings who will add fuel to your fire and nurture your plans alongside you. You want regular accountability, so that you know you have to get stuff done otherwise there will be that tap on the shoulder … ahem.. and???? You want the satisfaction of getting stuff done and following through on your ideas so that you feel accomplished proud and brilliant MAKE IT HAPPEN CLUB LIVE IS ABOUT … INSPIRATION, IDEAS, SUPPORT COLLABORATION, CONNECTING HOW TO, BRAINSTORMING, SOLUTIONS MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE GOALS, ACTION, ACCOUNTABILITY HOW WOULD IT FEEL TO … Have clear goals, laser focus and regular accountability to MAKE IT HAPPEN for you? Meet regularly with a group of women who inspire, motivate and support you? Learn new ways of making the most of your life, work or business and build your confidence and success to new found levels? Regularly brainstorm your ideas, goals, dreams, challenges and opportunities in a safe supportive and nurturing community so that you can come up with great solutions and focus on the things that will work for you. Deal with the roadblocks and obstacles that that hold you back Meet, connect and support other women who feel the same as you. HOW IT WORKS 2 hour meeting every month Each 2 hour club meeting will require you to come with an open mind an open heart and a willingness to CONNECT, LEARN, SHARE & GROW I will lead you through some fun, practical and highly interactive exercises proven to make your life work or business what you want it to be. These exercises tips and techniques you will be able to use time and time again. You will have an opportunity to brainstorm your current ideas, challenges and opportunities and come away with fresh ideas, solutions and a spring in your step Access to a private facebook group will enable you to share, chat, support and hold each other accountable. Weekly email tips techniques and insight that support your MAKE IT HAPPEN JOURNEY Guest speakers will add expertise, knowledge and insights that build your confidence and KNOW HOW. PLACES ARE LIMITED BUT PLEASE DO COME AND TRY IT OUT The best way to understand what we are about is come and experience it. MAKE IT HAPPEN CLUB - Upcoming Meetings Wednesday 1st April Wednesday 6th May Wednesday 3rd June Wednesday 1st July Venue Cote Brasserie, Hampsetad High Street, Hampstead, London NW3 Time 9.45 - 12.00 PRICE £20 per meeting Let's explode your ideas and make 2015 a year to remeber. *************************************************************** CLICK HERE TO BOOK A MEETING: *************************************************************** If you have any question Please email me direct on: Looking forward to working with you in 2015.

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