M.A.G.I.C. (March Against Gun Infringements/Confiscation) (Official Umbrella Event Page)

 17 May
 Nationwide. If you need an event page set up for your locale, contact us and we will arrange one.
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 MAGIC - March Against Gun Infringements/Confiscation
Greetings, dear Brothers and Sisters of Liberty. Here is your main event page. We have also created local pages, and will be working on rules of engagement and conduct, even invite a few from your local area to get you started. We may pop in occasionally to check on progress and/or assist. However, the rest is up to you. This is YOUR march now, and as long as you maintain the image that we need to be successful, you may plan this amongst yourselves however you see fit. Much love and peace to you, my friends.. There have been some questions as to what this demonstration is... The purpose of this event is to stand together in solidarity; against an oppression of our unalienable and inherent rights due to the ever-intensifying movement known as "gun control". Many places around the country have pushed for “tighter controls”, more restrictions/limitations, more registrations, even outright bans altogether. When looking back at history, identical measures in the past have always proven to develop into the overthrow of a society’s defensive weapons, the outlawing of a people’s ability and natural right to protect themselves… and thereafter quickly collapsing into an authoritarian form of government. In modern times, your average individual is become so absorbed… so accustomed, to the habits and "norms" of “ society”, that they’ve forgotten what it truly feels like and means to live and be free… and an essential part of this is undoubtedly the ability to be able to defend oneself; survival… the right to life in itself. Without this, all others rights fade from existence; whether by Nature or Force. The 2nd amendment of the “constitution for the united states of America” (which is indeed the Supreme Law of the Land) is our right to do precisely this; defend against any enemy; foreign or domestic. It is very concise, stating simply: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” Note that it purposefully puts no restrictions on how we are to bear our arms, either. This was not an oversight. You will find the same sentiment echoed throughout your state constitutions as well. Our forefathers had foresight; this was to be a system of check and balances, should events begin to occur such as current times. And they knew full well, that as time advanced, so indeed would technology. This was why this Amendment was written this way. Yet, nowadays it seems that all of this has changed… We now allow statutes (which this country has been operating under) to run our lives; yet are not even in fact true laws. Nor is any type of jurisdiction under “statutory law” established or even recognized by the constitution. First off, let me put your minds at ease. We do not seek to promote any type of violence/disorder of any sort, nor any type of “forceful” movement. That being said… This march is obviously to remain peaceful, by all means necessary. The firearms are a display of liberty, and a statement; not any kind of offensive measure. Any who aspire to create strife, disorder, riots, violence, or a poor image of the cause is to be immediately ejected and/or surrendered to law enforcement. We need to maintain a very high level of professionalism. This must be understood and complied with; and it is our responsibility to police our own, no compromises. This of course will be no problem though; as even statistics prove that by large, lawful gun-owning citizens are more than capable enough to conduct ourselves appropriately. This movement will likely be frowned upon by those who oppose us though; feel free of course to cover any distinguishing features which may identify you as a target to any unknown danger. Each location should have a medical volunteer team on hand as well. Keep a vigilant eye out for provocateurs also; we don’t need this turning into a false flag event; most of you know exactly what this means. Keep the cameras rolling. RECORD ALL INTERACTIONS. This provides accountability and safety for everybody involved. It is saddening that we have come to the point where we even need to do this, alas. Some of us do still remember of the days of old; stories of our great-grandfathers, maybe… or books... of what life used to be like… compared to now. Stories from history… about blood, spilled and sacrificed… Brave men and women, face-to-face with persecution and even death, just to be able to look down this path of freedom.. Stories of a great nation, a people that evolved and flourished, and the times which followed… bold and free, and all of the world looked to us in admiration. This upsets us now… for we have lost this path that our founding fathers intended us to have. Granted, times have somewhat changed, yes; but people have not. There always have been, and always WILL be, those who decide to follow man’s law and those who don’t. However, regulations prohibiting ownership of firearms will do nothing but leave honest people helpless; unable to protect their person(s) against criminals who heed not such laws. This does not comply with the basic rights of LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thus, whether directly or otherwise, these actions are a blatant attack against the constitution; hence rendering it also an attack against all of the people in which it governs. This protest is an opportunity to take a stand, on a grand scale; display that we do not intend for these violations against our country to continue. To clear the air: IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO CARRY AT THE EVENT (but is welcomed and encouraged). You do not necessarily even need to be a gun owner to attend. Simply be a patriot with us that day; if you are supportive of the cause, believe in freedom and the constitution, possess Liberty in your heart, knowledgeable of history/current events, a true desire to help preserve our way of life as it was intended for us, then come on out; I will march beside you still. However, the more firearms that attend, the harder it is for them to individually stand out, and the stronger we become. Nonetheless, of course still be mindful of the local "regulations" in your region regarding the carry of firearms. While we all know that there are NO carry restrictions in the constitution, police and law enforcement do still see it otherwise. Remember, they are taught in statutory law. But let’s learn to work together with them; not against or even indifferently. This will achieve a much more positive confidence on both sides, avoid potentially unwanted scenarios, and even be a great opportunity to relax, make new friends, maybe even have a good time. I have even recently spoken with several police departments of large cities (which possessed strict gun regulations and do not “permit” open carry) that have already expressed to me that with the right numbers, and a peaceful demeanor, they would not interject. If it makes you more comfortable, I can try to get that in writing. This does not mean you will not incur a police escort, and be under tight scrutiny. This is to be expected. I would in fact actually hope that law enforcement escorted us, and stood beside in support… actually DEFEND the oaths they swore. We are not enemies of the police, nor anyone else. We are not hotheads or criminals. We are patriots and lovers of freedom... Americans!!! However, some reactions to our presence may be “less cordial” than others. Bystanders or even law enforcement may become hostile. HOWEVER: THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH; UNLESS IN DIRE NEED CONSISTING ONLY OF IMMINENT LOSS OF LIFE. MEANING: If bystanders or the law enforcement harass you? Leave them alone. If they try to intimidate you, simply ignore them. Be that pillar of strength; that wall of stone. Don’t get back in their faces, do NOT instigate or antagonize them. But do hold your head up, and walk that higher path. HOWEVER--if a peaceful protestor is attacked with lethal force? Even in that case, I would still ethically have to recommend alternative methods than replying in kind; but as we all know, it is a different story when caught in the middle of a real crisis. I also cannot tell you not to defend yourselves, IF YOUR LIFE IS IN IMMEDIATE, LIFE-THREATENING DANGER. This is your right, and indeed the purpose we are fighting to secure: to defend innocent life. Never forget to always respect human life, above all else. That means not only the people you march beside, but everyone else around you as well, regardless whom. Once again, just to reiterate: we are demonstrating in peace. So, attendees-- do not indulge in any actions or behaviors which could potentially be viewed as menacing or threatening. For obvious safety reasons (and plain-out respect) all pistols are to remain holstered; either openly or concealed (if it won’t get you shot) and all rifles must be carried slung across the back, muzzle down. This is the least-threatening (and proper) way to carry a firearm peacefully. Once again: all pistols holstered; all rifles across the back, muzzle down. Keep gestures clear. open, and friendly, and do not reach for or brandish the firearm. This WILL get you shot in some places; even areas where open carry may be commonplace. Everyone stay together, absolutely “no man left behind”. Stay cohesive; do not allow yourselves to become parted, separated, or strategically weakened. Follow ALL the common rules of courtesy, respect, integrity, and dignity. When finished, I would also recommend that everyone leave simultaneously, and in groups, so as to avoid stragglers or small groups lingering after. But most of all: remember to once more stand tall, as righteous Americans do; and let your chest swell with pride for the rights that we do have. They are what sets us apart from everyone else.. This protest will be nationwide. If you need an event page set up for your locale, contact us and we will arrange one. I would very much like for us to stand together as One this day, and declare that enough is finally ENOUGH!! As DISL Automatic stated: “Divided we fall; United we stand tall!!”

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