Mad Max: Fury Road - ODEON 17th May 2015

 17 May
 Odeon Sheffield
 Arundel Gate - S1 1DL - Sheffield - United Kingdom
 Louis Bex
This crept up in a recent conversation at anime society, and people seemed interested in it at the time... Why not turn it into a full fledged event? No time has been decided yet but Mad Max will definitely be at a 2D showing, this Sunday, at the Odeon on Arundel Gate. Options are as follows: 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 I will open for a poll for people to decide, please tick what you know you can make. I will pin the deciding time on Saturday night so people should have plenty of time to vote. As always, I've invited whoever might have a passing interest in this one. Feel free to bring any plus ones if they want to join as well. PM me if you have any problems about turning up as well. I can provide contact details should anyone need to message me, should they be on the fence. Thanks.

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