Macee Leigh Giveaway Extravaganza!

 18 May
 Anywhere YOU are!
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 Kyla Leigh
I'm doing another HUGE Macee Leigh Mystery Hostess Party! YAYYY!!! This one is going to packed with awesome giveaways and, of course, amazing products!! 1. The Mystery Hostess Rewards- Umm, yeah, that's awesome! 2. If we can get this party to $500 in sales, I'll be giving away a $50 Macee Leigh Gift Certificate to one lucky winner! WOOP! 3. For every 15 friends you get to ATTEND the party, you'll be entered to win a $25 ML gift certificate at the end of the party! So make sure you get in on the fun and invite your friends to join! To browse and shop you can go to, if you place an order during the party (5/18- 5/26)- please message me with your order number and amount so I can keep track! :) *Giveaways will only be with a qualifying party* *NO ML Speialists will be eligible for any giveaway*

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