M3, the Monthly Mobile Milonga

 17 May
 IM Dance Happy Studios
 20417 Earl Street, 2nd Floor - 90503 - Torrance - United States
 Ministry of Tango
The Ministry of Tango is pleased to announce the next M3, the Monthly Mobile Milonga, will be held on Sunday, May 17, 6-10pm -- for FREE! This month, M3 is returning to a new favorite: Torrance! M3 is being held at: IM Dance Happy Studios 20417 Earl Street, 2nd fl Torrance, CA 90503 (Bldg behind the Universal Screw Co) EVERYONE IS WELCOME! FREE! With catering by YOU! Bring a drink or a dish to share with others. At M3, YOU create the experience! If you are interested in a carpool, either as a driver or as a passenger, please contact the MOT and we'll try to help you put a pool together. Be cool by being in your own pool--carpool, that is. Make this your first milonga, or your first milonga with the Ministry of Tango. We would love to meet you; we encourage you to bring family, bring friends, bring food! But remember: The only thing you need to bring is YOU. Our warm and welcoming hosts and staff are pleased as punch to meet new people, as well as catching up with good friends. Dance with all your pals and meet some new people to tango into tonight with! We encourage you to dance with new friends and new dancers to strengthen our already tight community. M3 is a collaborative effort made possible by the hard work of the employees and volunteers at the Ministry of Tango. However, the success of M3 depends on you--the members of the community at large--and your participation in the event. We would also like you to participate more in the milonga process itself. If you'd like to make a request or suggestion, please do. Make your requests early so you can know when we'll be playing YOUR song! To help with requests, the Ministry's current catalog is also available at: http://ministryoftango.org/MOT_joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=25&Itemid=131 Special thanks go to April's hosts, Joe and Toni, and to everyone who helped and contributed or came to these events: You are making a warmer, friendlier community a reality. Every month the Ministry will be sponsoring a milonga at a different location to help promote good will, togetherness and a warm and welcoming attitude to all members of the tango community, new and familiar. One of the reasons we shall be rotating locations is to enable those who are not so close to the nucleus of LA tango to go out and relax a little more than usual! Additionally, we hope that by bringing tango to these less tango-ed spots that we will encourage and foster growth of tango in that area. If you would like to host or help organize an M3, please contact an official with the Ministry. We look forward to seeing you all at M3 and to bringing the tango community that much more together and to making it that much more welcoming and friendly!

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