M3 Strategies - Fundamental Handgun (June 6), VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

 06 June
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 M3 Strategies
M3 Strategies - Fundamental Handgun Round Count: 500rds Tuition: $150 BEFORE 5/8/15 ; $200 AFTER 5/8/15 per student (+range FEE) Class size: 15 students REGISTER ONLINE HERE:: https://www.regonline.com/M3Handgun1Virginia Fundamental Handgun 1 Day – 500rds/Pistol The purpose of Fundamental Handgun is to develop a great foundation in each shooter and provide them with the knowledge and information necessary to continue developing their skills even after the class concludes. Taking a no-nonsense look at what goes into being a solid handgun shooter, this course focuses on establishing a high level of competency and honing the skills relevant to all practical uses of a handgun. Consistent with all M3 Strategies courses, this is not a “fighting class”; this is a shooting course that seeks to build skill-sets that are paramount to handgun competency in any context or application. While the course will introduce students to new concepts and techniques, Fundamental Handgun is very drill-intensive. Shooters will be challenged to perform various drills emphasizing safety, accountability and speed. Most evolutions will be shot for score and time; it is highly recommended that students bring a notepad in order to track their progress through the course. With a heavy emphasis placed on marksmanship and manipulation, Fundamental Handgun is designed to take those who participate in the lectures and drills to the next level of safety, comfort and competency. Points of Instruction: • Introduction to the handgun • Firearms safety for training & life • Nomenclature • Basic Function and Operation • Efficient stance • Proper grip • Recoil management • Trigger manipulation • Sight alignment • Sight picture • The draw • Reactive and proactive reloads • Malfunction clearance • Balancing Speed and Accuracy • Extensive drills & evaluations designed to improve marksmanship and weapons handling Additional topics include: • Cost-Efficient Sustainment Training • Concealed carry considerations • Holster Selection • Proper cleaning and maintenance While this course is intended for newer to intermediate-level shooters, the concepts and drills are often a challenge for shooters of all experience levels. Building upon the students current ability, Fundamental Handgun is designed to introduce new concepts to the student, refining their existing skill set and push them to the next level of mastery of the weapon. If possible, it is highly preferred that students shoot this course from an open holster.

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