Lust to Fail (Faallust) with Floris Koot

 22 May
 Power Yoga Groningen
 Studio Hofstraat 11-11 - 9712 JA - Groningen - Netherlands
 Nirvan Kolling
.We all fear embarrassment. Yet many hilarious embarrassing stories surround our love life; may even spice it up. We fear more what others might think, than that others really care. We often self sabotage possibilities to avoid possible embarrassments. Yet the accident may be important. How you behave towards the accident is often valuable information for the other. Can you laugh about it? Do you stay relaxed or open? Tonight we are going to play with our fears and fail grandly. We’ll party the accidents. We’re going to punish the mind for the punishments it gives us and immerse ourselves into the moment, find humour in bungling up, boldly make mistakes and celebrate our inconveniences. For they make us endearing. They may make the other melt. They make break the ice. They are the gate to show your true character. So let’s play in a meeting spirit open for failures. This will be as much a crazy night as much as we expect gentleness and care for each other. The objective is to melt within the riddle, not solve, control or be the hero. Floris and Nirvan will lovingly guide you down a slippery slope, in exercises that may only have one real dragon to beat: the one inside of you. And with love, gentleness and care we’ll melt the monster into you being proud for all your mistakes.

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