Lunessence Festival

 05 June
 Tres Piedras, NM, United States
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 Andi Seaweed Pants
~ LUNESSENCE 2015 ~ June 5th-8th, 2015 New Mexico In Celebration of the Waning Gemini Moon Mark your calendar, save the dates and invite your friends! More INFO TBA Tickets- Tier- 1- 35$ VIP (21+) ----- 45$ Comes with car camping pass Free Art installation Free burrito on Saturday and Sunday Mornings And wristband valid for 5 beer refills (discount after the 5 is up) Door ---45$ VIP--- 55$ ~LINE-UP~ ~Friday~ More TBA p.m. 6:00-7:00------- K-One 7:00-8-00------- DJ Skyline 8:00-9:00:----- A u g e s t 9:00-10:00---- Bear Grimes 10:00-11:00---- Paco Squints 11:00-11:30-----Paco Squints vs Tommy Tuna 11:30-12:30----- Tommy Tuna 12:30-2:30------- SP∆CE C∆SE 2:30-:3:30------- Tasstik 3:30-4:30------- Pharoah Djedfere 5:00-6:00------ Luth Lexxer 6:00-7:00------ Zia Moon ~Saturday`~ -More TBA- p.m. 1:00 -2:00-----Alienz Anonymus 2:00-3:00-------Kerosene Kitty 3:00-4:00------Kastiel 4:00-5:30------- Kriss Kaos 5:30-6:30------- Pezz 6:30-7:00------- Pez vs. Patty 7:00-8:00------- Patty 8:00-9:30------- DJ Dr.Ditto 9:30-11:00----- 11:00-1:00---- 1:00-2:00------- 2:00-3:00-------- Mark F-R 3:00-4:00------- Anthony Marx 4:00-5:00------- Kayinsun 5:00-6:00------- 6:00-7:00----- 8:00-9:00----- ~Sunday~ -More TBA- p.m. 2:00-3:00------Clay Fighter 3:00-4:00-------- 4:00-5:00-------- Purp-etual 5:00-6:00--------Crystal Stasis 6:00-7:00---------NillyG 7:00-9:00--------Lycan vs. Kaimera 9:00-10:00------- 10:00-11:00-----EPIC 11:00-12:00----- Ground Score 12:00-2:00------ Zia Zombie 2:00-3:00-----TriLLwax 3:00-4:00------ilehl 4:00-7:00---SP∆CE C∆SE >>>> Ticket Winners <<<< ~ Danny Montoya ~ Austin Allen ~ • Art Installations ~ Venders ~ Workshops ~ ECT ~ Sustainable Creations By Michelle Pearson "Jewelry to lotions, Soaps etc. " Hoop & Poi Workshops by ~ Chanell Kitty Garcia & Peachy Keen Beginner~Intermediate~ Advanced level Juicing with Jenn Wong Fuller ~Visual Performers~ Fire Dancing by Chanell Kitty Garcia Fire Dancing by Izhe On Fire ~Food & Drink Venders~ Tea Tent Burrito and Snack Booth *Free water bottle refill station* ~Live Art ~ • Art Installations: The Love Dome Paul Adams Paintings and Prints by Benét Peach Digital Design Prints by Chinky Jay PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR ALL TYPES OF WEATHER! As most of us know, saying New Mexico's weather patterns are erratic would be an under statement. Please bring clothes for anything from sunny to snow attire(weirder things have happened!) Strict LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY! There will be designated bins for Recyclable and Non-recyclables. Bring a can or some form of container for cigarette butts!

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