*LUNAR & SOLAR ALCHEMIES* a Thai Massage & AcroYoga weekend in Prague with Yohann Guichard

 06 June
 Prague, Czech Republic
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 Yohann Guichard
LUNAR & SOLAR ALCHEMIES * worshops* On 6th and 7th of June, Akasha studiow will receive again Yohann Guichard for more Thai Massage, Lunar Fly and Solar AcroYoga! From Lunar Mindfulness to Solar "madfulness", Yohann will be sharing with you some of his favourite tools, precious tips and special flows for duo and trio partner work... Join these two Day-Longs workshops (Saturday Lunar & Sunday Solar) for an in-depth exploration journey of movement, healing touch, and joyful interractions. Expect the unexpected and simply prepare for a YIN & YANG energy grinder weekend! These Lunar and Solar workshops complements each other, but can also be attended separately. Day 1 : LUNAR SECRETS : Thai massage & therapeutic Fly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10h-13h &14h30-17h30 Lunar Acroyoga is a crossroad of Yoga, Healing Arts and Acrobatics. This is the "soft and slow" side of the pratice, in which one receives, on the mat or in the air, therapeutic mobilization, touch and attention... And beyond that, this is a mutual and meditative experience of sharing. Material covered : - Therapeutics advanced principles - Hands free Thai Massage - Thai massage and Lunar Fly delicious flows - Sensing and listening tools for thai massage and Lunar FLY - Amazing transitions from earth to sky, and sky to earth. PRE-requisites : NONE! ALL LEVELS WELCOME! DAY 2 : SOLAR ELEVATION : Acrobatic Fly with hot spices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10h-13h + 14h30-17h30 Solar Acroyoga is a blend of yoga and acrobatics. The partners engages their tonicity, and, with the support of a spotter, look for organic ways to move with balance, grace and connection. Material covered during this day long: - Funky grips - Interesting flows - Rythms variations - Solar AcroYoga with senses alterations - Impro-catalyzation - washing machines from outer space Roles will be mainly specialized today for you to reach your hightest potential expression. PRE-requisites : - some Solar AcroYoga experience and be at ease with the basic poses (Stars, Birds, ...) * FEES & REGISTRATION ** ---------------------------------------- Full weekend : * 2200 CZK * 1900 CZK early bird price (if you complete registration and payment before 2nd of May) Per DAY-Long workshop : 1100 CZK Per 3-hour workshop : 650 CZK Registration through akasha website : http://www.akasha.cz/#!yohann-acro-june-eng/c1lbv ** ABOUT THE TEACHER ** --------------------------------------- Yohann Guichard is a an international AcroYoga certified teacher and a endless passionate seeker for Body and Spirit explorations. His ability to contribute to people's happiness and mindfulness manifests in a variety of ways, such as sharing Acro Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Slackline Yoga, Anatomy. A class, workshop or retreat with Yohann is a reconnecting experience to the self, served with freshness, humour and elegance. www.facebook.com/yohannacrohealingflow

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