❤ Lucky DUCKS Beach House ❤

 22 May
 Duck Beach, OBX
  - 27949 - Duck - United States
 Leanne Hudy McMullen
Stretching for 130 miles along the Atlantic coast, the area's slogan is "A secret worth keeping" and while hundreds of Mid Singles head here every summer, I think the secret's out. Perhaps it's because they enjoy a vacation at an upscale ocean front beach home... or maybe it's the quality of the Mid singles who attend... hmm... well in our case it may be all of the above, plus the quality of the food and organization. Well, what ever the reason, you don't want to miss this opportunity. Come and invite your friends. As your hosts, Sariah, Leanne & Stephanie, we look forward to you joining us. $340 for shared bed spot or a twin spots ALL BED SPOTS SOLD OUT $270 for floor (bring your own mattress) GIRLS SPOTS SOLD OUT - GUYS ONLY Pay via Venmo Download the app here: https://venmo.com/ Send funds to: leannemcmullen@gmail.com Name: Leanne McMullen Or PayPal leannemcmullen@yahoo.com Choose gift for friend with no fees Incredible food made by Stephanie is included over the long weekend. If you stay for the whole week, you are welcome to any left overs but will have to vend for yourself. :)

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