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 02 June
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 Shine Kelly Have you ever wanted a step by step process, to align with your highest potential in every moment? To live your mission, passion, and purpose; abundant and flowing? To create mental, emotional, and physical well being, so clear and vibrant? To allow your relationships to be unconditionally loving, and ever-evolving? I have passionately explored the depths of human experience, and emotion, to decipher the keys to a happy, healthy, and vibrant life; filled with abundance and flow, synchronicity and joy! I've had so many amazing results from these techniques and understandings. I live my passion, doing what I love; growing and expanding, working with those who live, and dream big, with deep connection to the upliftment of humanity. My health and wellbeing is easy, and fun; I eat and exercise as much as I want, and have the body and health I want. My relationships are ecstatic, passionate; supporting growth, expansion, evolution; and focused on the transformation of the self, supporting each other, and uplifting the whole. Here are some testimonials from my clients: Of course there are many things I still want, and sometimes life can be challenging; this work has helped me see challenge as an opportunity for growth, rather than a reason to give up. There are many who say that all emotion is valid, and deserves to be felt, and expressed; and if one does not honour these feelings, they will surely reach back and grab you, and cause more pain and suffering. I have found that there is some truth in this; and, just as your body knows how to heal a cut, you also know how to heal emotionally, and will do so if you allow it to happen organically. The key to a healthy body, is to stay in a positive state of emotion, as this allows your cells clear access to the same information that tells trees how to grow, and birds how to flock together, and migrate. The same is true of your emotional wellbeing. If you allow yourself to stay in a state of positive emotion, as much as possible, all of your emotional wounds will naturally heal in time. Instead of trying to ‘fix’ yourself, love yourself. Give time and space to feel clear, and ready to go with the flow. I find that when I am consistently happy, an emotion will present itself to be expressed and released; usually when I have ample amounts of time, and am relaxing, like sitting in a sauna. I focus on the feeling, and allow it to fully express, and move; and it’s done; simple. The key is to not get stuck in the emotion, by either avoiding it, or chasing after it; and not to project it onto the external, such as a job, friend, partner, and especially ourselves. Many people have low self esteem, because they spend so much time in negative emotion, which reflects in their thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, and causes them to think that that’s who they are. They are that ‘mean person’ etc... I once made a point of being rude, after someone expressed their adoration and love for me, saying how I was always so happy, and uplifting, to show them that I was also this too. I later found a process that took me down the emotional trail of any feeling; if I followed it, and stayed there, it all turned to love. I found time and again, no matter what I was feeling, if I let the emotion settle, and came back to the cause of it when I was happy, I could see it as love. Also, I experienced a state of bliss unlike any other, during meditation; where my only action was stopping thought, and letting go. I began to see myself as love; and all the other stuff I had going on, as ‘stuff’; just temporary misalignment from my true nature of love. That’s why I chose the name Shine; to remind me of who I am. Love My Life! Create Crystal Clarity And Momentum Towards Your Highest Potential Transcend Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, And Emotions... With Ease! 5 Simple Steps For Luminaries To Be The Change Step 1: Centre Breathe, Focus, Relax. 17 seconds to stillness meditation process to quiet the mind, and bring you back to your centre. Press the reset button, come back to yourself. Step 2: Focus and Clarity Create Crystal Clarity, And In-distractible Focus. A 68 second Dynamic Manifestation Meditation process to align with your highest potential in all areas of life. Make the best of your current situation, and attract the best from it. Create your ideal day, month, year, etc... Create Vision boards (for all areas of life). Step 3: Inspired Action Focus Into Flow... Ride The Wave of Your Highest Purpose and Passions! Create a clear focus, plan, prioritize your next steps, and take action. Give from your abundance. Step 4: Emotional Alchemy Transcend Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, and Emotions... With Ease! Easily shift emotional states, even long standing issues. Activate the state you wish to create! Understanding and mastering your intuition. Manage conflict and difficult emotions, before they explode. Step 5. Feel As Good As You Can, All The Time! Imaginal Reality Activation. Moment to moment awareness and focus on feeling good. Create powerful positive momentum. Practice unconditional self love. Some Helpful Tips: 1. Emotions Are Signposts Along The Road Of Creation Whatever emotions you are feeling consistently will be the dominant themes in your reality. Change your emotions, change your reality. 2. Let Go Of The Outcome Don’t hold onto an end result, such as “I need to be a musician, eat only raw food, or marry this person; and I will do anything it takes to get there.” If being a musician is really your soul’s highest calling, then following the path of what feels good in the moment will lead you there. If, however, there is something much bigger and better for you, and you stick, stubbornly to music, you can be miserable trying to do the thing that you you love. Focus on what feelings you want to create, and follow your moment to moment guidance about what feels best and most fun! 3. All Intuition Is Not Equal Intuition, true intuition, comes from really happy, joyful, transcendent states. This can include visions, hearing voices (the good kind ;), a feeling in your body, or just knowing. When you are happy, you are a clear receptor for non-physical energy, which is pure love. When you are unhappy, you are still receptive, only to thought forms that are human-created, and match your state. So if you get a vision when you are feeling terrible, that feels terrible, it’s not real; only an indication that you are out of alignment temporarily, and if you stay in that state, things can happen that feel that way. Same with dreams. Dreams are instant manifestations of energy. If you have an ominous dream it only means you’ve been focused ominously (Dun Dun Duhhh...) The physical world takes time to shape reality, so there is space between feeling and manifestation, which allows for clarity and refinement. Only follow positive intuition. For anything else, stop, do Step One: Breathe, Focus, Relax, and try the 17 seconds to stillness meditation, and get focused on something you love. Step 2: Focus and Clarity, has some great techniques for building your energy to be able to clearly receive true intuition. 4. Fill up before action! Creating your reality, and moving through challenging emotions is a precise and fine art. Any good artist will tell you that they never work on a project when they’re not inspired, as it causes inconsistency and usually makes it worse. Only act, think, speak, create, when you feel inspired! Step 3: Inspired Action, is all about this. 5. Action = Results? So many teachers share action based tools where you ‘do this’, and ‘get that’. Unless they are teaching the emotional alignment piece, they have forgotten that the action was only the very last piece of the puzzle. So much goes into a creation: Inspiration, consistent alignment, inspired action. Without these pillars, you may ‘do’ the action, and get some results, but the joy, and the exhilaration of creating something which inspires and uplifts you, (and others), is what we are all really here for. Ask any wealthy person, who has achieved their goals, yet remains unhappy. What we all want is to be happy; everything else is fun, but nothing without positive emotions. So get happy first, line up with whatever you want to create, and follow the trail of bliss to your desires. 6. Emotions Are Reflections I learned this when I was at a festival. My ex-girlfriend was dancing with someone else. I was upset, I left and enjoyed myself, got really happy, came back, saw them again, and felt love and allowing. I realized that if I spent my time ‘dealing’ with negative emotions, it would be like chasing shadows. They don't exist! They are the result of turning away from the light. Of course feelings can feel so real, but similar to a dream, they are just reflections of our state, and can be shifted and changed at will. There are some skills around ‘waking’ oneself up and moving through challenging emotions that are covered in Step 4: Emotional Alchemy - Transcend Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, and Emotions... With Ease! Especially useful if the emotion is intense, and if the same pattern is being repeated. 7. Consistency, Consistency, Con... Squirrel! The only reason that something you want is not coming to you, (other than you actually don’t want it) is inconsistent thoughts, emotions, and actions. You have to have consistent actions, which requires consistent inspiration, which requires consistent clarity, which requires consistent feelings, which requires consistent thoughts and focus. Get happy, figure out what you want, and why you want it, stay focused on it in a positive direction, be inspired to act, and repeat! Step 5. Feel As Good As You Can, All The Time! Imaginal Reality Activation has tools and techniques to maintain this positive alignment. Take the first step... Step 1: Centre ~ Breathe, Focus, Relax ~ 17 Seconds to Stillness Meditation Step 2: Focus and Clarity ~ Create Crystal Clarity, And In-distractible Focus ~ Dynamic Manifestation Meditation A free video series sharing practical insights and techniques to help you align to your highest potential. Click here for your free video series:

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