Love and Light 20 Year Reunion - Return to Parthenon feat. HYBRID,JACKAL&HYDE,BRAD SMITH,ROB-E,BURUFUNK,D-XTREME and more

 23 May
 District 3
 802-812 East Whiting St - 33602 - Tampa - United States
 Love and Light
Celebrating 20 years of Love and Light with a very special Return to the Parthenon... >>>Featuring<<< HYBRID - Distinctive Records (Dj set) Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album Wide Angle in 1999, the Swansea, Wales-based Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music.In the latter part of 2010, a ‘Widescreen Edition’ of Disappear Here was released, featuring special unreleased remixes and new orchestral ambient versions of the album tracks.Since then Hybrid has continued to play gigs across the globe, whether as the stunning ‘Hybrid Live’ shows complete with orchestral accompaniment or banging DJ sets under the ‘Hybrid Soundsystem’ moniker. JACKAL and HYDE (Live P.A.) - Hallucination Jackal and Hyde are known the world over for their bone crushing beats and 'in your face' musical style. URB magazine called them "the purveyors of the Hardcore-Electro sound." Jackal and Hyde's live shows and digital mix sets are eclectic full frontal sonic assaults which appeal to a wide variety of fans from club kids, ravers and break dancers to goths, gravers and industrial heads alike. For the last decade they have co-headlined shows with a wide variety of bands from Prodigy, Combichrist and MSTRKRFT to Stanton Warriors, BT and The Crystal Method at venues all throughout the U.S. and abroad. BRAD SMITH - Crescent Records (Exclusive Old Skool Parthenon Set) One of the original Parthenon residents, Brad Smith is a pioneer of electronic dance music in Florida and it's sub-genre: Florida Breaks. His name is synonymous with Anthems, whether he is crafting them in the studio or catapulting a crowd into a frenzy. Brad stormed into the DJ arena 1992 and has never slowed down! Brad has also kept the same furious pace in the studio with over 500 tracks and remixes released. From his early years as Mr. Smith (Breaks) and Praying Mantis (DnB and co-founder of Stateside collective) to his more recent works as Spit 'n' Blood (Dubstep) and Sleven (Tech House). Brad has had 33 Beatport Top 100 hits in Progressive House, Electro House, House, DnB, Dubstep, and Breakbeat. Brad Also owns and runs the underground label, Crescent Records. BURUFUNK - Burufunkmusic In the world of electronic dance music Burufunk is one of the few artists who breaks boundaries and set new standards for the industry. His discography contains club banger after club banger. Burufunk's style is one that is hard to categorize the best definition could be progressive, with a world of intricate abstract soundscapes that are almost other worldly. His latest productions are some of his best works yet as he masters the art of production with original mind blowing creativity. ROB-E - Kram / Fundamental Breakz Collective From the glory days of roller skating to the 90s era of Generation X, one of Florida’s most powerful breakbeat DJ emerged: DJ Rob-E. With 35 years behind the decks, Rob-E has become a staple in the breakbeat community. Rob has held countless residency's at the top clubs in Orlando and abroad, From his Cloud 9 parties at the legendary JJ Whispers, to his endless nights at the legendary Infinity. Rob also held residencies at The world famous Club at Firestone as well as a bi-monthly residency at San Deigo's 4th &Broadway for 3 years! Rob also hosted a Thursday night residency at the Groove at Citywalk where he hosted nights with some of the worlds finest DJ's, with the likes of John Digweed, George Acosta, Sandra Collins, Quiver, and many more. D XTREME - Cognitive Music One of the most influential DJ’s of the Florida dance scene has returned for another bout in the ever so evolving scene we call EDM. This DJ is no stranger to those who have been around for the madness he stirred up on the legendary nights at his former homes: “The Abyss” & “The Club@Firestone” in Orlando, FL! In a city once known as the Euro Epicenter for dance music, D-Xtreme was right in the middle of it. SCREWFACE - Love & Light / Jungle Bastard Dare we say..."The Godfather" of the Tampa Jungle/DNB scene. Along with Dj Dread, Paulie's efforts in the mid-nineties helped bring Jungle/DNb to the forefront in Tampa. Since then he has hosted events from as large as Beat Harvest 2-3, to events as intimate as the free parties at the Solarium (Masquerade). But on this night , you can expect a wide variety of beats designed to take you back to the LnL Ozone days and beyond! INVASION (Live P.A.) Featuring: BASSLUT & SCREWBALL Alien Bass Camp / Love & Light TECK 1 FSOB / Jungle Bastard FONIK T.E.K. / Love & Light AFCO & SKYNET Trueskool / Dueby Street Records JELLYBEAN & LIFELESS TISSUE Electro Avengers / Love & Light JAMES WEST Audiopilots / Love & Light KENNY STYLES & DAVEAUX Love & Light GROOVER Love & Light ONYX Love & Light DROP Love & Light SCIENCE Love & Light ITCHYONE & KILLABYTE Love & Light GUINNESS STANTON Love and Light BMP - D.JAYE - MIKE E Love & Light and more T.B.A..... Featuring a mind bending Intelligent light and lazer show with a sound system boasting an astonishing 56 18'' subs and 100,000 watts to push them. Photography by: Brian Miller and Mikki G Photography Admission $10 before 9:30* / $15 before 10:30* / $20 after. * Reduced admission with two can goods - All can good will be donated to the Metropolitan Ministries. 18 and up with ID BRINGING THE OLD SKOOL L&L VIBE INTO THE FUTURE! Founded 4/28/95' - Created for: LOVE~ MUSIC~N THE PEOPLE! ~Breaks~House~D&B/Jungle~N-Beyond~ "The Scene" as it was lovingly referred to in the early 90's, has come back around again full circle, and is currently bigger than ever. However, the once loving family of people gathering together in unity has fractioned off into many different groups. Promoters, DJ's, social scenes, and musical styles. Cliquish groups of people snub those around them. Promoter interest solely in attracting more business, and many of the reasons we fell in love with our Scene have been lost. Many of us believe that this movement is a meaningful one, full of love and good people. We have the potential to come together from all walks of life, (regardless of race, creed, color, religion or sexuality) and unite in mind, body and soul. It has been said, countless times by many, that it will and can never be the same. Which is true, but we can make it better, and it is up to us to make it happen! Here are some suggestions from your friends: Support a wide variety of dj's and parties - Know your promoters and those who stand behind them. Educate yourself and others about actions that can cause harm and the precautions necessary to protect yourselves from them. Question the support of negative people, DJ's and promoters. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Make at least one new friend at every party. Love & remember, forgive & forget. Smile often and go out of your way to accept others. Share your love, thoughts and emotions. Always remember that you are the power of example to everyone around you, especially the next generation. Lead by example! Excerpt from The Ministry of Love, San Francisco 1992 Revised in Florida - Love and Light 1997, 2013, & 2015 Dedicated in loving memory to all of our friends and family we have lost along the way, including our recently departed L&L family members: STEVEN M OLSON aka DARK SYN - L&L co founder/DJ RICK WEST - L&L resident DJ since 95' HADLEY NOEL - L&L resident DJ

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