16 May
 Dance Complex
 536 Massachusetts Ave - 02139 - Cambridge - United States
 Jessica Lee LoBello
The event is on! But I still need about $350 to break even, so I still need YOU to register ASAP! PayPal or email me at jayleedances@gmail.com. Dance workshops and live music Hafli! The Dance Complex in Cambridge is our venue! 536 Mass Ave. We will have a workshop taught by Sparrow, and a live music hafli featuring The Resonant Rogues, with performances by Naraya Ligouri-Sztam, Arlene Elkins (Esther Rahel), Di'Ahna Restry, Elizabeth Morlani, and Johara! OPEN DANCING FOR ALL, even if you didn't go to the workshop! DOORS: 6pm 6:30 pm Workshop: BEE'S KNEES BELLYDANCE with SPARROW Charleston, Jazz, and Vaudeville flair With the revival of vaudeville comes a renewed love of the music of its golden age- hot jazz, minstrel music, Tin Pan Alley classics, and some modern mash-ups are what we will be dancing to in this exciting workshop. We will learn some Charleston basics, including footwork and arm movements, drill classic belly dance movements to the era’s music, and learn combinations that pull the different styles together beautifully. This class is great for fusion belly dancers, burlesque artists, and swing dancers who want to put a little extra flair in there! Sparrow’s background as a musician and her longtime love of swing dancing give her a unique ability to break down the movements and music that give this period it’s pizazz. COST: $25 8:30pm -10:30 HAFLI and SHOW will continue after the workshop, $15. Doors at 8. Sorry, in order to cut costs I had to cancel the cash bar. :( Thank so much for your patience while I sorted out details! I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and truly appreciate your patience and understanding! ABOUT SPARROW http://sparrowsings.com/dance/ Sparrow has been dancing for all she remembers of life. Starting out with figure skating and ballet as a child, and switching to swing and dancing for theatre as a teen, she finally came home to belly dance in 2004. She studied with Onca O’leary and Baraka Mundi in Asheville for several years before moving to the bay area, where she studied with Jill Parker. Upon returning to Asheville in 2008, she joined Baraka Mundi and began teaching classes and directing a student troupe. After several formative and inspiring collaborations around Asheville, she set out on her own. For the last year she has been touring the country with her band, The Resonant Rogues, playing music, performing and teaching dance. She has been focusing on swing, charleston, and vintage jazz dance for the last couple of years, singing with the swing band The Low Down Sires at dance events nationally. The combination of live music and dance is her passion, and The Resonant Rogues aim to play for both belly and swing dancers, with a mix of traditional and original tunes. ABOUT THE RESONANT ROGUES http://theresonantrogues.com Charleston City Paper– “The Resonant Rogues are a real treat. If you’re in the mood for something groovy, a little off-kilter, and altogether fun to listen to, then you need to familiarize yourself with this Asheville band immediately. Go ahead. I’ll wait. OK. Welcome back. First off, was I right, or was I right? If you checked out the band’s most recent work, April’s Swing Set EP, then you know exactly what I’m talking about here. You have to love the lumbering gypsy-jazz pacing of “When I’m Gone,” or the way the acoustic guitar, violin, and accordion all meld together seamlessly on tracks like “What Lies Ahead.” Of course, maybe your favorite part was when vocalist, banjoist, and accordion player Sparrow added sassy, almost seductive lines like “He’s got the most nice everything in town” on the ragtime-style track “Most Nice,” or when she showed off her French on “Douce Ambiance.” There’s a lot to like here, especially since The Resonant Rogues sound like a gleefully unplugged street band just trying to give you another reason to enjoy your summer night out. This is fine entertainment, so stop reading this, and go discover your new favorite band now. In addition to a performance on the laid-back grounds of Awendaw Green, the band will also play on Thurs. July 10 at The Mill in North Charleston and Fri. July 11 on Folly Beach at Chico Feo. —Brian Palmer NEXT WEDNESDAY”

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