16 May
 Coroners Court
 Old Weston Road - BS48 1 - Bristol - United Kingdom
 Spike Antigen
ANTIGEN vs KEEP IT DOWN vs LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS (serious music policy's only...) ARMAN VAN HARD-ON AKA MATTYS%#* (Secret Breakcore headliner #2...) WOMBCORPS!!!! (Amen-tal//Jungle Syndicate) Mandi Dextrous (Amen4Tekno//jungletekmafia) Osh-Kosh (Jigsaw//Long Live the Animals) Duskky (Mothers Against Noise//Wonkay Recordings) Relapse (Jungle Syndicate//Community Payback) Hurtdeer (Mothers Against Noise//Wonkay Recordings) [Insert Gore] [Mothers Against Noise] Major Upset (Monkey Dance//Keep it Down) Otako (Jungle Syndicate//Antigen) Myr (Mothers Against Noise) More or Less (Monkey Dance//Keep it Down) Lemon Girl (Lemtek//Monkey Dance) Slinks (Amen4Tekno//Tech Audio) Diatribe (Jungle Syndicate//Antigen) Hodgepodge No-Stars!! (Hodgepodge) Drake Mallard (Jigsaw//Long Live the Animals) Luke Somearegay (Long Live the Animals) +more.... 3 of Bristol's finest emperors of sound duke it out in an unmissable all-star battle royal! 3 sound systems going head to head to head! Several champions selected from 10 of the finest crews born from the Southwest rave scene! Who will be the loudest? Who will have the most snares per minute? What kind of illegal basslines will be ripped out to ensure victory? Find out at this unearthed roaring leviathan of a soundclash, while dancing yourself stupid in true no holds barred, no punches pulled, SERIOUS bizniz ting, all from the idyllic and peaceful setting of Coroners Court very own morgue.... GET YER BODYBAGS OUT!!! =========LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS ========== Starting a kru using the fame of another kru is a classic method, unfortunately it did not work for these fury fuckers. They boast some poor music releases and a collabortion of drug addicts masquerading as professional DJs. Using old vinyl bought in charity shops with giros, they will wow people with skills honed by having nothing better to do. ===============ANTIGEN=============== Copying the formula used by LLTA, Antigen props itself up by pulling in ringers from much more successful and talented crews such as Jungle Syndicate and Mothers Against Noise in order to boost it's image and brand synergy. Contrary to popular belief, Antigen don't actually own any of their own gear, and in-fact simply borrow other systems shit and pass it off as their own. ==========KEEP IT DOWN SOUNDS========= The keep it downs KIDS formed after getting bored of listening to everyone else's shit taste in music, however they soon realised your own tunes get old quickly and what started as an ironic name now is quoted at all our gigs by club owners.... the crusty life hasn't gone well for the kids with more notable gigs including an 18th birthday party, a native american flute soloist and a mansion sex party (Disclaimer: the KIDS were made to set up outside) this time were actually playing off our own rig so expect risky baseline an jungle mixed with pop classics ===============DJ’S FROM=============== JUNGLE SYNDICATE KEEP IT DOWN MOTHERS AGAINST NOISE JIGSORE ANTIGEN AMEN4TEKNO LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS HODGEPODGE MONKEY DANCE LEMON DRIZZLAY CREW LEMTEK + MORE!!! ===============EXPECT=============== JUNGLE BREAKCORE CHAT DRUM AND BASS JUNGLETEK BEARD STROKING GLITCHCORE NEUROHOP REGRET DUBFUNK SAFECORE HARD TEK GOOD JOKES TEKNO CORE BASSLINE? CORE TEK TEK CORE JUNGLE CORE TEK APPLE CORE CORE CORE "ATMOSPHERE" A MASSIVE FUCKING HANGOVER CORE SUCH RIGS!!!! MUCH PLUR!!!! MANY RAVE!!!!! NO DRUGS. MUGS AND THUGS ONLY. LEAVE YOUR PSYTRANCE OUT BRUV.

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