London Big Geek Meet - Post MCM

 06 June
 London Waterloo Station
 Station Approach Road - SE1 8SW - London - United Kingdom
 Animeleague Cosplay
**INVITE YOUR FRIENDS & HELP SHARE THE WORD** This meet is being put up now so that everyone can book this off well in advance! Plans are PROVISIONAL right now and subject to change! Please note that if you have any problems finding us, please call Mike on 07786 246049 (If that's not available try Kerri on 07985 455296) Forum Topic - When: Saturday 6th June Where: Waterloo tube station entrance, finishing up at Heart of gaming for the evening. Time: 12pm Train station to depart at 12.30pm! Meet Organisers - Michael Towers, Adi Soday, Kerri Louise Veck, Aisha, Warren, Karim and Philippa Allen Meetup Rules - ACTIVITIES: - Cosplay Picnic - Social games - Make Friends - Card Games - Cards Against Humanity, Cash n Guns, Resistance etc bought along. - Arcades - Video Gaming - Photoshoots - Cosplay - Contests and Competitions with prizes (TBC) Schedule - STEP 1 - Meetup at Waterloo at Midday outside McDonalds, we will take groups over to the London Eye STEP 2 - Group photo followed at 12:30pm - Either go to Namco which has arcades OR to Jubilee Gardens for a picnic - depending on what everyone prefers - we may do both as they're next to each other. :) STEP 3 - At 4pm go onward to The Heart Of Gaming finishing up there. They will do £10 for entry including overnight stay to any of our attendees, or £8 entry to us excluding overnight stay otherwise.

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