Lolo and Jojo Walk At Econ Grad

 17 May
  - - -
 Jodi So
Since the dawn of mankind, Laurie "Lolo" Jeng and Jodi "Jojo" So have been walking-- nay, running!-- towards the golden promise of tomorrow. That tomorrow is quickly becoming today. On Sunday May 17th at 2pm, come watch your favorite ex-cripples hobble nervously (but without accident or injury!) across the illustrious Greek Theater stage at that most prodigious of occasions: the UC Berkeley Econ Commencement. For those who want to personally bear witness to the grandeur and fanfare of the event (or just want something to do on a Sunday afternoon), hit one of us up for a $10 ticket. For those who would rather watch paint dry but still want free champagne (AYYY), come to the Campanile Esplanade for the graduation reception ~4PM and we will direct you to the free food and booze/force you to take some very adorable photos with us. TL;DR: - Who = Lolo and Jojo - What = Lolo and Jojo walk across a stage to commemorate four years of problem sets - When = Sunday, May 17tth, at 2pm - Where = Commencement (2pm): Greek Theater; Reception (~4pm): Campanile Esplanade - Why = the econ dept is making us leave and idk why either it's not like i really know any econ and aghahsdkfl;;alsdfa

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