Liz Goes to Bangkok, needing HELP!

 13 June
 Bangkok, Thailand
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 Liz Tuttle
Hi Everybody! I wanted to see if you wanted to join with me in this process over the next few months. As many of you know, I have gotten involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship over the course of my time in college. It has honestly changed my life to really see the greater worth of the world and the people in it. Ever since my staff worker at UCI even mentioned there was an experience that students could apply for in Bangkok, Thailand, my heart was sold! It has really been placed on my heart to explore what it would look like for me to take these experiences longer term. This summer I am going to be headed to Bangkok, Thailand for 6 weeks (June23-August 7) with Intervarsity's Global Urban Trek where we will be living in an among the urban poor to really experience a heart for the poor around the world. Nearly half of the world's entire population lives on less than the equivalent of $2.50 per day, so what is our place in that? How can we make a difference? As a team, we will be placed on a site that is currently deeply involved in the communities of urban poor in Bangkok. We will be working with organizations already in place, because incredible light is being shined there and we are just honored to be able to be a part of that journey. The problem runs so much deeper than just the idea of money. The situation goes all the way down to the humanity and worth of people. I desire to experience a greater view of the world because I believe there is so much to be said and much that can also be shared with our community here in the United States. I wanted to invite you into this process with me. I am right now in a phase of prayer and raising funds. I need to raise $3,800 by the end of May, which is coming up surprisingly fast! If you are a person of prayer, it is always needed. If you would like to donate financially, you can go to and that is my cite directly. Feel free to ask me any questions! I would love to expand upon anything and clarify or even just have a longer conversation about it. Let me know, as I am INCREDIBLY excited about what is in store!

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