Living Your Soul Purpose

 16 May
 Doubletree By Hilton Edinburgh City Centre
 34 Bread Street - EH3 9AF - Edinburgh - United Kingdom
 Jennifer Main
Initiation: New Beginning Jennifer will be offering 3 workshops in 2015, offering initiation into new ways of living. Each workshop is an individual experience and can be attended without the others, but each will provide clarity and healing in different levels of being. Attending all three will allow facilitation of growth and evolution in a balanced way. Each workshop will provide an opportunity for meditation, reflection and understanding on the deepest of levels. Participants will receive healing and resolution on all levels, and receive new understanding of living a life of wholeness and alignment. These days are a combination of self-discovery, resolution of limitation, healing, and consciousness on every level. Jennifer developed these workshops in response to her sessions, finding that these themes are repeatedly at the core of client and student issues. If you are a healer or practitioner of any modality, the information provided in the workshops will help you to take your sessions with your clients to a deeper level. There are no pre-requisites for these workshops and they are open to anyone who feels called to participate. Workshop 1: Living Your Soul Purpose Delve into all aspects of the Soul! Understanding yourself on the deepest levels allows you to create a life of love, awareness, and miracles. Bringing your Soul wisdom and experience into your human existence provides clarity and guidance, which will deepen your understanding of your self, your life, and the world around you Participants will have the opportunity to: *Explore You as an eternal energy, as a Soul *Understand the Energy and Vibration of the Soul *Remember who you are, as an inter-dimensional being *Open communication and understand the 'language' of your Soul *Connect with the Soul, accessing wisdom, experience, and a higher perspective *Understand your Purpose and why you chose this incarnation, and your DNA line *Learn to live your daily life from a Soul Perspective *Learn how to allow Soul guidance, providing clarity and focus *Connect with Soul Mates, Soul Family, understand Soul Connection Investment: £80 per workshop Pay 1 month before the workshop and save £10! Or, pay for all 3 workshops and save £40 with a single payment of £200 (Price includes materials and refreshments) Information for all 3 workshops can be found here:

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