LIVING the LOVER - (Bringing sexy back to self-empowerment.) - FULL DAY WORKSHOP.

 31 May
 Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent. 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford
  - - -
 Jules Sutherland
BOOKINGS: “Tender, powerful, playful, seamless…I can’t wait for the next workshop.” Dr Richard Chambers, PhD. Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant The wait is over, beloveds - LIVING the LOVER is back! Longer, sexier, and more powerful than ever ;-)... After full houses and overwhelming responses to the recent Melbourne and Confest workshops, Perpetual Mojo is thrilled to announce LIVING the LOVER - FULL DAY WORKSHOP! (Cue happy-sexy dance...) What? The love child of Perpetual Mojo's Mojo Tantra Dance and Embody Your Awesome workshops, LIVING the LOVER is a fun, practical framework for connecting deeply to yourself and others, and living every day of your life as the true expression of the passionate, powerful being you are. By taking the universe as Lover, we bring sexy back to self-empowerment, and let it infuse our lives with unlimited awesome. How? Have you heard the goss?... Apparently we're all intimately connected to everything ever, and have the unlimited potential of the whole benevolent universe inside of us. Fact. That's a bit inspiring and sexy. It's also great in theory, but damn hard to grasp when you're in the thick of it, or dealing with the day-to-day challenges of life, hey? LIVING the LOVER brings unconditional love, self-love and universal love out of the conceptual, and into our everyday lives. By taking the universe as Lover, we unlock a limitless well of vitality and possibility, enticing our minds, hearts, bodies and sensuality to play and dance together in love. Our reality becomes a consistent, living expression of our true desire and potential. LIVING the LOVER is your invitation to meet the love of your life - and keep them. This is no one-night-stand, baby. This is the big one - eternal, unconditional, real, focused, powerful, passionate, embodied and gloriously sexy. Enjoy a gorgeous day of connection, exploration, amplification and celebration of the unique expression of human awesome that you already are. And then take it out into the world and live it. Every day. ********************************** EARLY BIRD PRICES UNTIL MAY 18... ALL TIX... $65! OR...3 TIX FOR $165. RETURNING LOVERS... If you attended the March LIVING the LOVER workshop, this event contains all new content. Still, to honour your commitment to your Lover, you receive $15 OFF ANY BOOKING for this event. Please contact Jules for the promotional code. ALL TIX HERE: *********************************************** What folks are saying about LIVING the LOVER... "Well hello lover!! I had no idea you've been waiting in the wings of my life ready for an opportunity to show yourself and start shimmying with me in your full powerful, gentle, sexy, passionate, mind blowing way! Oh wow lover, you were just waiting for LIVING the LOVER to give me a held space to reveal yourself! Shit you're so hot my lover that you're still with me now a week later and the other day you said you'd be here for the rest of my life! Oh wow - this is the power of doing a LIVING the LOVER workshop with Jules! Im about to go on a date with my lover today .... Can't wait. :-)" - Isolde. Musician and Facilitator. "Perpetual Mojo's LIVING the LOVER workshop was a powerful, tender experience. Jules creates such an intimate, safe space to explore deeply and connect with ourselves and others. She has a playful, easy style that supports participants to relax and open, and at the same time she maintains an incredibly safe, loving space that makes us all feel held. Aside from Jules’ style, I think what I like best about the workshop is the variety. The seamless combination of inquiry, dance, writing and sharing allowed me to sense deeply into what was most true for me and to find different ways of expressing it – something that is not always easy to do. Nor, I imagine, easy to facilitate. Unsurprisingly, the workshop also attracted a wonderful bunch of openhearted people, which just added to the joy of it all. I can’t wait for the next workshop, and hope that Jules comes good on her promise of running a longer version so we can go even deeper into the process." - Richard. Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant. ****************************************************************** Please note: This event... * contains no nudity or sexual activity. * is suitable for all humans over the age of 18 - regardless of gender, mobility, sexuality, relationship status or previous experience. Any questions, please feel free to contact Jules... Passion. Presence. Play. Perpetual Mojo - Brining sexy back to self-empowerment. <3 Gorgeous cover image by

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