Living Presence in Warsaw 5-7 June

 05 June
 Warsaw Old Town
 Rynek Starego Miasta - 00-272 - Warsaw - Poland
 Tine Vindeløv
Living Presence in Warsaw 5 - 7 June. Living allowance, trust, joy, peace, belonging and compassion. Three days of deep healing through receiving and experiencing Zen Coaching sessions. Small safe group - Max 8 participants | Language is English 4 Spaces left ! Time 10.00 - 18.00 | Friday Saturday and Sunday Price: 1000 PLN Payment and signup: To secure your place sign up to and pay a non - refundable deposit of 350 PLN. Welcome to a process of personal healing and deepening into Presence Benefits Personal benefit - This is a possibility for integrating and expanding allowance, trust, joy, peace, belonging, compassion and other essential presence qualities in your life. Heal your own inner challenges, expand your ability for compassion and learn about Zen Coaching from experiencing other’s inner work. You can choose to heal painful places or to deepen access to positive resources/essence qualities. Working in the presence and holding space of a group supports depth and healing in a way which is only possible with others in a warm group. This workshop is for Zen Coaches and those attending my module 1 in Warsaw. Professional benefit - If you already are a coach you can learn a lot about how presence can support the healing and transformation in sessions as well as how to meet others with curiosity and allowance in general. Join if you long to integrate what you learned on the training and become more nuanced in your skills as a Zen Coach. Testimonials. I have been giving these small groups in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo regularly over the past 5 years with great benefit for the my participants. You can read Inger Edelfeldt’s, Gunilla’s, Lisan’s and Linda’s testimonials below this text. Tasters Gunilla “I look at the world in a new light” Inger “very satisfied” Lisan “the weekend was truly fantastic! It still echoes in me” Linda “ It was deeply nourishing for me”. Who can attend This group is for Zen Coaches including those who have attended module 1 on the Zen Coaching Training. Frame Everyone receives a Zen Coaching session and gets response from the group (ca 1 hour per person.) The Workshop also contains Inquiry, guided meditations, sharing, relevant theory and dance as well as space for a mutual learning process, theoretical digestion and question after each session. It includes one follow up session the week after the workshop over skype. Where: In the Old Town of Warsaw - Address and practical information will be sent to you before the workshop starts. Payment: To secure your place sign up to and pay a non - refundable deposit of 350 PLN Details will be send to you after sign up to me. More benefits 1: Learn to understand, see and transform constrictions and limiting belief patterns in yourself and others. 2: Learn about how to supports healing of fear, shock and trauma. Welcome from Tine Testimonials after Living Presence Inger Edelfeldt after Living Presence For me it was marvelous, exciting and rewarding to be in such a small group where all dare to be more open. It was interesting to receive feedback from others on such a deep session for me - and naturally very interesting to experience other’s deep sessions. Tine, your welcoming, loving and curiosity - even on very shameful subjects - and your holding, patient attitude - giving such a big openness to explore my inner life - is VERY inspiring. I also liked the clear focus on Essence qualities. Very satisfied. Inger Gunillas response after the weekend with Living Presence I look at the world in a new light, with more understanding of my past and with a feeling of being empowered to meet upcoming situations in a way that can better support the underlying natural process of healing in myself and others. This workshop was the most meaningful I have done in a long long time. It feels as if I got a whole new way of relating to fear shock and trauma that result in less avoidance and a safer trusting in the future possibilities for healing and freedom - and to be able to support others in the same process. The world needs this, I say thank you from my heart. Linda Nordsvan after Living Presence It was deeply nourishing for me to be supported in exploring into qualities of Essence and Being more generally. One very important discovery - or rather embodied insight - that is still with me is that inner states of resistance, control, contraction, non-acceptance and so on are just forms amongst other forms arising. I don't understand exactly what contributed to this insight, but it is clear that it has changed from an intellectual understanding to actual experienced reality. My ability to notice and chose how I want to relate to these states has expanded greatly. Thanks to this there is so much more flow, allowance and unfoldment! :-) The questions you suggested for further exploration of essence are really helpful! I enjoyed the small group which gave a lot of space for every participant. I actually enjoyed everything; the coaching sessions, meditations, inquiries two-and-two as well as your 'theoretical' inputs. Especially I cherish the atmosphere of warmth, loving kindness, honesty, curiosity, openness, vulnerability and deep deep acceptance that you help create. Thank you so much! Lisan Bremmers after Living Presence Hej Tine. - Thanks again, the weekend was truly fantastic! It still echoes in me, I feel rich, grateful and inspired! I enjoyed all of it; the connections, the insights, and I also learned a lot from your way of leadership which was tender, yet powerful.

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