Living Passionately/Ecstatically with Earth Wisdom

 17 May
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This will be a LIVE Online 90min teaching presentation with Shamanic Guide and Deep Ecologist, BILL PFEIFFER. Bill we be guiding us towards living a more expansive and ecstatic lives through revealing to us ways in which we can develop a deeper connection to nature and the Earth There is a source of true power that you have the ability to tap in to when you're able to align yourself with the natural forces and rhythms of nature. You'll be Discovering: + A more thorough grasp of the indigenous worldview and why it is so critical in moving us forward as a species + What is ecstasy and how we can cultivate it. + Practices that will help connect you with Nature and your own nature + The key ingredients of a nature-based, thriving culture + What is “Earthdharma” and how the Buddha fits into all of this and more... There'll be a question/answer period towards the end of the event Note: (There is a 20% Early Bird price reduction good until the May 5th) Feel free to message us here if you have any questions. Or you can reach us via our website at:

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 15 December, Thursday